Natural elegance: the secrets of residential design in the UK

Explore the fabulous world of British architectural solutions

The variety and historical importance of aesthetics in British architecture is evident in a broad range of styles spanning everything from classic Georgian residences to modern urban constructions. This heritage offers a unique setting for creative expression and innovation in interior design, reflecting an ability to strike just the right balance between the traditional and the modern. The BRIT STONE collection by Coem, with its stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, is proving popular in the UK, with extremely stylish, functional residential design projects. Read on to discover three projects that illustrate how this collection has been used for an appealing, creative result.

Falling in love with Cornwall

Just a short walk from the beach, a villa used for summer holiday lets enjoys breath-taking views of the ocean. The choice of BRIT STONE in the colour Ocean for the floor of the living room was prompted by a desire for the interiors of the home to blend smoothly with the surrounding marine landscape. The delicate blue-green tones of the tiles help create a bright, relaxing ambience, perfect for an open-plan home that reflects the calm, soothing atmosphere of the outdoors. The stylish, durable and low-maintenance qualities of porcelain stoneware made Brit Stone a practical, elegant choice for this splendid home.

An inviting haven

Nestling amid the trees in the village of St Mawgan, this was designed as a cosy family home. The stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in the BRIT STONE collection, in the colour Sand, were chosen for the living area, where they strike a perfect balance with the wood panelling of the kitchen and the wooden stairs. This combination of materials has shaped a warm, cosy ambience, where the family can entertain friends and relatives, and a safe setting for the young children to play in.

An enchanting renovation

The UK is also home to this project for the reconstruction and extension of a number of truly delightful old farm buildings. The design firm succeeded perfectly in blending contemporary elements with the country style of the location. The kitchen, furnished almost entirely in black, is beautifully offset by the contrasting grey stone-effect tiles from the BRIT STONE collection. This combination shows off the tones of the internal brickwork, shaping a delightfully dynamic setting. The use of the collection has created a sound, sophisticated base that smoothly enhances both the modern décor and the original objects found in the hayshed and on the surrounding farmland.

Beautiful and functional

BRIT STONE by Coem really is an excellent solution for those seeking a material that’s both beautiful and functional. The collection is inspired by Burlington stone, of English origin and particularly renowned for its attractive blue/green colour. Durable, functional and beautiful, this is one of the finest sedimentary stones in the world, and is a popular choice among architects and designers. BRIT STONE has brought on board these features, turning them into a sensual surface with variable colour patterns that closely mimic the original material, enhanced by the large sizes. Available in the colours Ivory, Sand, Grey, Ocean, Dark and Graphite, BRIT STONE is perfect for any setting, thanks to its versatility and ability to slot seamlessly into a variety of décor styles. Each colour variant has been designed to reflect natural shades able to transform living spaces, creating a relaxing, inviting or dynamic atmosphere, depending on the requirements. The collection is available in three finishes: unpolished, half-polished and textured, with warm or cool colours. The combination of durability and sophisticated design makes this collection the ideal choice to bring a uniquely stylish look to any home.