Bathroom furnishing trends for 2020: ideas and news

The absolute protagonists are relaxing soft and warm colours

The bathroom will play an absolutely central role in 2020 furnishing. After the great success of Living Coral in 2019, the trendiest shades for the year that has just begun see light and neutral colours, such as white, grey and beige, as the main protagonists for the bathroom area, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere and a greater sense of spaciousness. In the last few years, architects and interior designers have focused their efforts in mainly one direction: the search for maximum comfort, a trend which will continue also in 2020, affecting all aspects of interior design.

Here we offer 5 tips for creating a perfect bathroom!

1. Full height

If the dimensions of the bathroom are limited, it’s important to design a well-organised space with personal touches and full height furnishings. Partially open fitted cupboards are an excellent choice, making it possible to store everything without losing even one centimetre. Empty bathrooms are a possibility in large homes. Smaller homes, on the other hand, have to exploit every corner to the full!

2. Diffused lights for a unique look

Light is an element that can make a bathroom really special. With the ongoing advances in lighting technology, we are today able to integrate lighting into the architecture in increasingly interesting and effective ways. Out with the usual light bulbs in the centre of the room or ceiling lights without quality! The light in the bathroom should be considered carefully; a practical example could be to illuminate the beauty area with a diffused light behind the mirror, or a direct suspension beside the washbasin and a false ceiling for inserting spotlights and luminous cuts.

3. Minimal bathroom fixtures and fittings

In 2020 the trend for bathroom fixtures and fittings will be towards minimal, furnishing elements aimed at blending in with the rest of the bathroom, for example, taps in the same colour as the fixtures. For the bathroom, as for the rest of the house, attention is focused on increasingly functional and technologically advanced accessories, such as perfect Wi-Fi speakers or showers with special sensors for chromotherapy. The 2020 bathroom has everything apart from a computer!

4. Stone-effect for a trendy bathroom

One of the main trends for the bathroom in 2020 is the use of stone-effect porcelain stoneware. Furnishing the bathroom with these particular tiles is very interesting both for those who want to obtain an absolutely material effect and for those who, instead, love minimalist and contemporary settings. Fortunately, current production technologies allow us to reproduce different stone effects to perfection, giving us the possibility of enjoying their aesthetic qualities while not having to worry about their delicacy or difficulty of maintenance. Let’s focus just on the shower tray: if we choose natural stone, we know that we have to be really careful about the products that come into contact with the surface. The advantages of a shower tray in stone-effect porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, are evident: easy and quick cleaning, greater resistance to detergents and atmospheric agents, better performances and the inalterability of the surfaces.

5. Floors and walls with a material feel

The stone-effect ceramic collections are magnificent if used not only for the bathroom floor but also for the walls; they generate a natural and relaxing atmosphere and, thanks to the new finishings, it’s possible to create really beautiful unique optical effects and patterns that will lend the bathroom great personality. Ceramiche Coem offers various collections which are perfect for giving our bathrooms space and luminosity with a simple elegance. The stone effect can be used on a single wall to break up the look or for the whole bathroom in order to give a sense of continuity and to underline the material quality. Coem offers many choices of different stone effects, with inspirations from the past or with a modern and contemporary look. In the catalogue you can choose from between a French-inspired stone effect such as Loire, or Sassi, taking inspiration from river stones, or Cardoso, with a sandstone effect, or again, Pietra Sabbiosa, with a warm and captivating effect. Visit to discover what stone effect can inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

In the gallery you can find inspiration for your coverings, from mosaics to structured tiles, all on stone-effect porcelain stoneware.