Archeda and Ceramica Fioranese join forces for original bathroom furnishing

A new collection that amazes for originality and attention to detail

Design and practicality are the guidelines of the many Archeda bathroom furniture collections. They are modern furnishings with regular lines that use particular finishings, like the pieces presented at the Salone del Bagno 2018 in Milan a few weeks ago, in which Ceramica Fioranese’s Cementine stood out as a highly distinctive element. The cooperation between the two leading Made in Italy companies, Archeda and Ceramica Fioranese continues: it’s a perfect marriage, began in 2017 and characterized by elegance, simplicity and vintage inspiration, thanks to the Cementine collections skilfully introduced by Archeda into its bathroom furniture compositions.


These particular ceramics tiles, with a unique shape, represent an original way to make furnishings more interesting from a decorative point of view for this important room in the home, ensuring absolute practicality and providing the possibility of covering surfaces with vintage-flavour or geometric designs, graphics that enhance the depth of the bathroom environment, lending it a further dimension and tactile materiality. While the classic Cementine collections have been a common element in bathrooms for some time, today their use on material such as porcelain stoneware allows for a more modern and appropriate interpretation of the contemporary home bathroom.


The new bathroom trend, therefore, tends towards the use of Ceramica Fioranese Cementine also just for covering single furnishings, so as to create very particular spectacular effects, optical patterns that alternate with elegant and refined monochromes. The result? An effect which is decorative and contemporary at the same time. The Cementine collections, in fact, have a delightful retro taste, but manage to combine wonderfully with the shapes of the most modern bathroom furniture and accessories, adding a special touch to the furnishings: this explains the great success of these “vintage” and well-established ceramic tiles, resistant to water and humidity, knocks and detergents, ideal for finishings in an environment like the bathroom. The unique nature of Ceramica Fioranese Cementine and the clean and elegant style of Archeda have brought to the Salone del Mobile 2018 a collection of furnishings with a unique charm, absolutely to discover and love even more than yesterday.

Come and discover it!