Ceramics Made in Italy for every taste

From small to large and from vintage to contemporary, all the versatility of the FIO project.

Ceramic tiles have always played a role in Italian history, because in a sense, floor and wall coverings reflect different approaches to space and how it’s lived in, from far back in the past right up to the present. Extremely adaptable and versatile, porcelain stoneware has always been a medium for expressing different tastes, on different sizes and colours. Ceramic materials are a superb example of the fine craftsmanship Italy is renowned for worldwide, playing a key role in defining contemporary living spaces and offering plenty of scope for continual experimentation, thanks to the skilful alchemy of tradition and innovation, style and performance. Stoneware, in particular, takes an innovative approach to the creativity that has always been a hallmark of Italian tastes.

Technology and innovation

Design, art and fashion have created new demands in terms of style and technology. For the ceramics sector, this means continual developments able to provide quality responses and create new processes when it comes to choosing projects. Latest-generation ceramic materials are able to interpret architecture in all its aspects, playing a leading tole thanks to the versatile, wide range of colours, patterns, sizes and thicknesses able to bring life and character to both domestic and commercial settings.

Towards sustainability

Innovation turns ceramic material from a simple covering material into a complex element of the construction system that teams aesthetic and functional values with sophisticated material with technological properties that have been optimised and explored in their every aspect. Flexibility, reproducibility and sustainable productivity, not to mention the intrinsic value of the material, make stoneware a cutting-edge technological product from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. In just a few years, sophisticated innovation in the sector has made it possible to combine freedom for designers with excellent performance and respect for the environment.

FIO., a project that embodies the expression and creativity of Italian craftsmanship

FIO. is more than just a line of products, it’s a full-bodied creative project by Ceramica Fioranese that’s 100% representative of quality Made in Italy, combining design and trends with craftsmanship and technology into a concentrate of our history of outstanding products. The FIO. project comprises a series of widely differing collections that represent the original ideas of important designers and architects. Contemporary products, some of them offering a new take on our traditions, which have already inspired so many original products all over the world. All this in addition to the on-going research and development effort that goes hand in hand with the close attention we pay to environmental sustainability, very much the pride of the company.

Davide Tonelli: a contemporary take on tradition

For FIO., Davide Tonelli has created four extremely striking, classy collections that offer a highly original slant on porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings, with a modern take on the designer lines of the past. It’s hard not to fall in love with LIQUIDA, where the shapes and patterns reminiscent of the design of the 1950s are teamed with painstaking colour research that turns traditional into trendy. The collection offers a choice of six pastel colours and eight patterns, all an expression of different contemporary styles, able to engage with both residential and commercial settings, while LIQUIDA SLABS offers the option of 120×260 cm decorative slabs, with a choice of eight extremely sophisticated patterns. The “cold” digital printing technique offers superior-quality results in terms of resolution and colours, enhancing the decorative look and taking creative freedom up to its maximum expression. PASSEPARTOUT offers the chance to truly amaze, thanks to its use of colour, with walls taking on an intense, single colour thanks to the use of volumetric ceramic panels in coloured-body porcelain stoneware. Two shapes, in a scale of muted pastel colours as an alternative to white and neutral tones, with a matt finish, offer a timeless elegance, with distinctive solutions and endless combinations, alone or with other collections. BLOCK is the latest addition to this interesting collaboration, in which colour is the stand-out feature. In this collection, neutrals team with a deep red bursting with character, a traditional forest green and a muted honey shade, perfect for bringing a nostalgic air and a decorative touch to furnishings and surfaces.

Luigi Romanelli: a project with a romantic, creative soul

If it were a story, the idea behind “Ghiaia” might be entitled “Stones have a soul too”, with dreams and desires that sometimes find a way to come true. The romantic soul of Italy is the hallmark of its craftsmanship, and the architect Romanelli offers an interpretation of ceramics that’s rooted in the country’s history yet at the same time looks to the future. In the Ghiaia collections, stones are turned into quality rock, with little pebbles becoming slivers of stone with the prestige of marble. A take on “terrazzo”, with a fine or thicker grain background, and with the opportunity to combine the large and small sizes for an extremely modern look with a powerfully decorative allure. The base tiles come in three colours – White, Grey and Graphite – but blue is the fil rouge that traverses these surfaces: a deep sea blue, with an inviting, almost dreamlike appearance, which makes its way into our settings with the light touch of water. The concept is completed with GHIAIA SLABS, comprising a 120×260 cm decorative slab, a reproduction of the patterns studied on the 60×60 sizes in the thicker grain version of the collection, for a striking product with a subtle, low-key elegance. Fioranese believes strongly in the FIO. project, as an expression of Italian design and technological excellence for floor surfaces.