Geometric trends for home decor in 2019

Abstract graphics, overlapping shades of colour forming unique patterns, a mix & match of materials creating impressive multi-texture looks

One of the new trends for interior design in 2019 is the geometric style we’ll be finding on shapes and surface decorations. From furnishings large and small, characterised both by simple shapes like squares and circles and by complex geometric figures, to tiles with patterns featuring a sequence of motifs with infinite variations, the geometric style is able to bring a vibrant touch of character to the various rooms in the home. Geometric patterns have become an important furnishing element to bring a fresh, youthful touch, making them a highly contemporary option perfect for bringing a distinctive allure to home decor.

Vintage patterns to decorate in style

Geometric shapes, with a nod or two to the “radical design” of the Seventies, are becoming a trend-inspired option for modern homes. For floors and walls, the emphasis is on tiles that include particular shapes, such as hexagonal models, alternating light and dark shades, or herringbone tiles that are always a guarantee of a striking look.

Optical effects for unique walls

Optical patterns, perfect for obtaining particular optical illusions with three-dimensional effects, are a particularly popular option in settings where we’re looking to focus on even just one wall. Ceramic tiles with small designs and pastel colours are ideal for those looking to create patterns with a cosy, romantic allure, bringing a light, delicate touch of distinction to the areas they’re chosen for. And if you prefer floors and walls with a more striking look, dare to tile your surfaces with geometric patterns in more vibrant retro hues such as blue, orange and ochre. Not sure which road to go down for your home decor? Go for pastel shades, or natural colours.

Ceramic decorations? Romantic and retro, or natural and poetic

Ceramica Fioranese offers a wide choice of decorative ceramics, with all sorts of options to bring a beautifully personal touch to both residential and commercial settings. The marvellous Formelle_20 tile collection is a perfect example, featuring romantic decorations with a retro flavour. This collection of 20×20 cm porcelain stoneware wall tiles, designed by Silvia Stanzani, comes in three variants: the monochrome, minimalist Formelle Intonaco; the three-colour Formelle Mix, featuring shades ranging from talc through sand to beige, and the four-colour Formelle Mix, which adds an even broader variety of shades. The colours are warm, engaging and deliberately dusty, to offer an authentic sensation and a return to the values of the past.

For those who prefer a more natural mood, the material surface and delicate colours make Argillae the collection of choice. Argillae takes its inspiration from old floors and objects made from raw earth, clay bodies and natural aggregates, coloured with pigments, the use of which dates back to Greek and Roman times. In this case, the best choice is the 20×20 cm size, in shades ranging from white to black and including sage and brick; a highly characteristic, decidedly retro touch is evident in the decorations designed by Davide Tonelli.