Commercial areas, trendy settings for living in

Lots of solutions to make hospitality areas attractive and original

Designing a commercial area and choosing the most appropriate finishings is never easy. There are many sources of inspiration at Cersaie for making environments dedicated to different forms of hospitality really special. The chosen finishings for restaurants, bars, shops and also offices and hotels must have their own specific personality, but at the same time, they must be resistant, easy to install, clean and maintain. Numerous solutions are currently available, thanks to porcelain stoneware, for making these environments warm, sophisticated, original and elegant, combining together innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

Carefully designing every detail

Considering the development of a commercial area means taking account of many important factors, which don’t only concern style. It’s necessary to consider the hygiene-health requirements, which vary according to the intended use of the site and generally require a washable and impermeable floor so as to comply with safety and fire-prevention regulations. This means choosing products with anti-slip characteristics and with resistance to fire. In addition, it’s essential to also consider the need for greater resistance to wear compared top residential sites.

The best solution? Ceramics!

It’s essential to carefully assess the environment and the stresses to which the floor will be subject in order to choose the most appropriate tile. To select the right finishing it’s necessary to consider the different levels of traffic that the environment receives and it’s also important to understand the level of abrasion and wear of the surfaces.
For areas subject to light traffic, such as entrances, hotels shops and sales areas, certain collections will be preferable, while for areas subject to heavy traffic, such as, for example, shopping centres, airport lounges, hotel entrances, public pedestrian passageways, different options have to be assessed with the interior designer or architects, which permit different levels of maintenance.

Numerous beautiful, and also sustainable, solutions

Shops, restaurants, bars, but also particular environments dedicated to people care, such as wellness areas, need to be able to identify with a precise style, which lends them a strong personality. Ceramiche Coem develops numerous collections, with a sustainable point of view, that have inspired many interior designers for projects dedicated to commercial areas, combining elegance, innovation and excellent technological qualities.
The Wide Gres 260 collection, for example, in marble-effect and stone-effect porcelain stoneware offers large slabs thanks to which the perception of the space is amplified through natural elegance and minimal design, the perfect choice for hotels and large stores. An interesting alternative, again stone-effect, is Modica collection in the 120x260cm slab format, which will lend environments a “taste of Sicily”, thanks to the island’s stone from which the collection is inspired. With its linear simplicity, the Blendstone collection is, instead, a skilful blend of graphics taken from worn surfaces: perfect for lending character to shops or elegant wellness centres. If, instead, you prefer something totally different, you can opt for the wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection, Afromosia, which generates an intimate and linear effect, thanks to its very rigid and soft appearance. There are many and varies examples of shopping centres available on Coem’s website: Loire, Silver Stone, Reverso2, Soap Stone, are just some of the collections available for finding inspiration and designing an environment with a natural and modern feel.

Getting to know Coem and the new developments in 2019

Ceramiche Coem will be one of the protagonists at Cersaie 2019. It will be presenting new products in its stand, products which can also be used to customise commercial areas, such as the new large ceramic slabs and the elegant and extremely textured collections in stone-effect porcelain stoneware. Registration online is compulsory for entry to Cersaie. By clicking on this link and completing the form, you will receive a complimentary ticket.
Fix a date with Coem from 23 to 27 September in Bologna – Hall 18 / Stand A22 – B21.