Suspended Color lights up the Fuorisalone 2024

Color trends: balancing innovation with tradition

Milan’s Fuorisalone continues to dazzle the Milanese city with its unique creations and innovations, captivating and drawing in crowds with its vibrant and exclusive display of colors. This year, colors took center stage, transforming exhibition spaces into true chromatic works of art. The palette showcased a mix of bold and elegant shades, resulting in a dynamic fusion of vibrant energy and sophisticated elegance. From bright tones of red, orange and yellow, which radiate warmth and vitality, to the calmer shades of green, blue and purple, which inspire serenity and creativity, each color played a part in creating a unique multi-sensory experience.

Fascinating new trends

Through a mixture of bold hues and the introduction of new trends, this edition proved once again that color is a vital component in shaping a more beautiful and imaginative world. The emerging color trends embraced a wide array of styles, from daring experimentation to the rediscovery of traditional approaches. Many designers opted for vivid and unusual colors, creating striking contrasts and unexpected combinations that sparked the imagination of visitors. Meanwhile, others favored more classic and refined hues, skillfully infusing traditional colors with contemporary flair.

Coem and Fioranese present Suspended Color

During Fuorisalone 2024, Coem and Fioranese unveiled “Suspended Color” inside the “Mimmo Scognamiglio” Gallery in the heart of the Brera Design District. Designed by Alessandro Pasinelli Studio, this installation focused on combining materials and colors. It featured a kaleidoscope of suspended geometric shapes crafted from ceramic panels. These shapes, hanging in the air, reflected light in surprising ways to create captivating color and shadow effects, enchanting visitors. “Suspended Color” transported visitors to another world where ceramic served as a unique expression of color. The experience engaged more than just the eyes, as the surfaces invited tactile exploration, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the work. Enhanced by an immersive soundtrack, viewers were treated to a unique multi-sensory experience that seamlessly integrated design and art. Through “Suspended Color”, Coem and Fioranese reaffirmed their commitment to presenting ceramics in innovative and imaginative ways, offering new inspirations for interior design.

Introducing The_Color!

The main attraction of the installation is the new “The_Color” collection, which plunges us into an extraordinary world of colors created by the eclectic Alessandro Pasinelli Studio. This collaboration blends craftsmanship with the designer’s bold and forward-thinking vision, resulting in a tile collection that explores the limitless possibilities of color in both residential and commercial spaces. “The_Color” redefines spaces with its wide range of vibrant tones and sophisticated shades, offering architects and interior designers multiple design possibilities. This new collection features six opaque colors in warm and cool tones: Grey-Blue, Mud, Cream, Brick, Amber and Pink. These hues, along with the cement-inspired graphics and large format, reflect the latest trends in interior design. “The_Color” provides an expansive canvas for expressing creativity and transforming environments into extraordinary visual displays.