Define spaces using finishings inspired by material and light

It may be called the lounge, living room or living area … it’s the place in the home where you live, watch tv, listen to music and receive guests and friends; it’s like a visiting card. The choice of furnishings and finishings is really important; it’s a mirror of who we are, reflecting our personality to the outside world, our particular lifestyle, from the most traditional to the most informal. Light is certainly the key ingredient for a special interior, especially for a much lived-in space, such as the living area, in which memories mingle with daily activities. The finishings of the floors can make the difference in defining the environments and their luminosity. Nature and light: let’s see how to create a perfect mix for our living area.

Floors for interiors: styles with a simple and natural mood

Over time, the ways of living in the home have heavily influenced the internal arrangement of the home itself, entirely modifying the layout. Today, in fact, the preference is for open-space environments, such as, for example, open kitchens inside the living room. Precisely for this reason, choosing the right type of floor for the living area is fundamental, it being necessary to satisfy requirements for practicality and functionality, as well as for beauty considered down to the smallest details.

Fluid environments for multifunctional spaces

The rules of modern interior design are based on the fluidity of spaces; it’s essential to create welcoming areas, with a mood inspired by nature, and which are as spacious as possible. To make environments appear bigger it’s a good idea to use finishings for floors that lend a sense of spaciousness, with sober shades. For living room floors, many prefer to use wood-effect ceramic surfaces with brick pattern installation, while for living rooms with an open kitchen, the tendency is to put together materials with different types of design, in order to better define the spaces: Cementine tiles are often used to give a vintage touch. There are, however, many other options.

Natural effect, thanks to porcelain stoneware

For a really attractive, welcoming and bright living room, we recommend choosing a floor in stone-effect porcelain stoneware which you will never get tired of: fascinating, striking and trendy, in line with green and eco-sustainable solutions. Ideal for a rustic but also modern setting, stone-effect porcelain stoneware is very versatile. It’s available in different formats and is adaptable to various requirements; in addition, porcelain stoneware allows for finishings that perfectly match the look of natural stones, while guaranteeing all the qualities of a certified, practical and highly resistant material. These factors are fundamental for lived-in areas like the kitchen or the living room.

The living room: the space dedicated to receiving visitors

TWhat do we really want to do in our homes? Certainly, to spend time with the family in spacious and hospitable settings, where we can listen to music, chat and eat all at the same time!
Thanks to COEM’s collections, it’s possible to have tiles in porcelain stoneware with an extremely natural and warm feel, perfect for the contemporary living area. In particular, if we want to give a sense of space to areas, it’s a good idea to use collections that include large formats such as Wide Gres 260 (120×260 and 120×120 cm – thickness 6 mm) and Wide Gres 240 (120×240 and 120×120 cm – thickness 6 mm) or, if particular and unique stone-effects are preferred, collections such as Porfirica, Moon_Vein and Moon_Stone will make your homes really special. If, instead, very linear and contemporary finishings are preferred, it’s possible to choose between the Silver Stone or Flow collections, the latter also available in large-format for redefining the areas in our homes with a style which is timeless.