Natural vibes: ceramics reinterprets nature

Coem presents its new iconic collections at Cersaie 2019 in which the stone-effect is a protagonist in all its nuances

Stone as the key element of inspiration, is filtered through the search for new aesthetic codes, generating three-dimensionality in the ceramic material. This is the concept presented by Coem at Cersaie 2019. New collections that mix together exquisitely designed material, nature and texture with great harmony.
Innovation and extensive aesthetic research for the creation of material effects, these are the elements that make these innovative products extremely elegant and natural. There are eight new collections that go towards enriching Coem’s catalogue; this month we present you with the first 4, which will amaze you with their originality and sophistication.

A special collection that speaks Greek: Porfirica

The name Porphyry derives from ancient Greek (porfyroús), which means purple, a colour frequently found in this rock, together with red, brown and grey and is the inspiration for the Porfirica collection. Porphyry is a magmatic material that forms thanks to the cooling of a lava flow, with a vary varied and complex composition, on which a structure is created known, precisely, as “porphyritic”, which includes also minerals and crystals. This particular characteristic is re-proposed in 2 graphic versions: one fine grain and one coarse grain. Coem restores prestige and value to this stone thanks to three surface finishes: unpolished, half-polished and for exteriors, with 5 intense colourings and a dual texture to exploit for new creative floor and wall covering compositions.
A collection with a slightly retro flavour, with which to mix vintage furnishings with pieces of authentic design. Ideal for applications in residential and commercial spaces, both as wall coverings and floors and for continuous outdoor solutions.
Porfirica is available also in the large format, 120×260 and 120×120 cm (6 mm thickness).

Moon_Vein: Brazilian stone effect for a striking result

This collection takes inspiration from the brown Brazilian quartzite, with its particular appearance that occasionally recalls a wooden surface with its full and soft veins. Moon_Vein interprets the particular characteristics of the original stone, suggesting new light and dark shades, such as white and beige, intense grey and black, with a natural and decisive appearance. Offered in three finishes, natural, polished and for exteriors, Moon_Vein is suitable for residential contexts with linear and refined designs. Ideal for residential and commercial contexts, both as coverings and floors.

Marble-effect, the Flow effect

Inspired by a marble called Silk Georgette, the Flow collection retraces the elegance and lightness of its texture, almost like a precious draped fabric, composed of infinite lines that create a vibrant and decorative surface. The veins typical of the original material become, for Flow, a distinctive feature, creating an elegant and refined image. There are five neutral shades ranging from light to dark in perfect harmony with essential but sophisticated design furnishings in their form and finishings. The collection is ideal for residential and commercial contexts, both as coverings and floors. The Pleated decorative structure lends three-dimensionality and authenticity to the surfaces, highlighting a sophisticated process, made possible thanks to the high technical quality of the porcelain stoneware base. Colours and structures enhance each other in turn in a perfectly balanced combination, creating a dialogue between design and material, conceived to harmonise the different environments of a single habitat.
Flow is also available in the large format, 120×260 and 120×120 cm (6 mm thickness).

Moon_Stone: welcome to the moon

The inspiration for this collection is drawn from the Brazilian quartzite that in nature has a rough, dotted pattern, created by the intrusions of different minerals with contrasting colour shades.
The appearance recalls lunar landscapes seen from earth: covered with craters of various shapes and dimensions, polished by continuous erosion, making this stone unique of its kind.
Moon_Stone retraces the textures of the original material, enhancing its personality and versatility thanks to the different shades offered that vary from lighter nuances such as white and beige, to intense black. Moon_Stone, available in 3 finishes, half-polished, unpolished and for exteriors, and a wide range of formats, is ideal for giving character to floors and coverings, giving spaces a natural appearance, but at the same time modern and full of fascination. Ideal for interior design projects that involve residential and commercial spaces, both as coverings and floors and for outdoor solutions in continuity.
The Pieces and Lines structures are applied to the surface, generating regular geometric textures with a pleasing three-dimensional effect. Architecture, material and design mix together in a harmony of shapes and colours, of full and empty spaces, creating contemporary settings which are always unique.
Next month we will present four more new collections to continue our journey through Coem’s natural and material design.