Outdoor: the latest ideas for outdoor furnishings

The new trends to usher in the sunshine

It’s never too early to write about garden furnishings, partly because the new outdoor furnishing collections are presented at the beginning of the year and partly because while we’re shivering in the middle of the winter, it’s nice to start planning the renovation of our outdoor spaces as we wait for the warmer weather to arrive. Among the new products and ideas for 2019, we’ve seen a variety of outdoor furniture and accessories designed for a range of different outdoor areas. Here are a few original outdoor furnishing options we’ve chosen to bring a uniquely inviting touch to your spaces, whether you have a large terrace, spacious garden with a portico or even just a little balcony.

In the shadow of design

Striking a perfect balance between design, creativity and innovation, Kettal offers furnishings increasing focused on turning outdoor areas into open-air living rooms to relax in with some good company. The Lounge Pavilion is one of the latest projects presented by the company, designed to blend in with the architecture to create appealing outdoor areas, thanks to its light, transparent structures. The hallmarks of these design elements are their originality, extreme elegance and attention to detail. The Lounge Pavilion is composed of a minimal aluminium structure with various frames on the ceiling and at the sides, available in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can easily create your very own look. https://www.kettal.com/it/particular/blogpost/news_kettal_lounge_pavilion_en/P/

Luminous and inviting

For an instant party effect in the garden or on the terrace, fill your outdoor spaces with lots of Rabbit Chairs, designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Qeeboo, perhaps alternating the adult and baby versions with the lamp variant: this friendly rabbit is ready to be ridden with forearms on its ears, or even the other way round, and it’ll light up your summer evenings, with an original effect guaranteed! Or if you prefer something ultra-original, the Javelot Macro standard lamp by Studio Odile Decq for Luceplan is ideal, with an evocative – primitive yet futuristic – structure and an incredibly contemporary shape that creates original light effects with the hallmark of the French architect Odile Decq. A marvellous choice for any environment. https://qeeboo.com/?product=sedutadidesign-rabbit&lang=it

Vases and planters: the right models to enjoy summer in the greenery

The metal Cacti planters and vases by Nola – a Swedish company that produces sustainable furnishings for urban environments – are inspired by the cactus plants Frida Kahlo planted in her garden to create a living barrier. These large planters feature metal trellises that mimic the shapes and proportions of the cacti, painted in vibrant colours. Another cult object for furnishing the garden with vases and planters are the products made by Bacsac. Rather than vases, these are actual sacks in a 100% recyclable, permeable geotextile fabric, perfect both for use indoors and as vases and planters for outdoors.

Colour is served!

And for the table? Plenty of colour with Kartell and the Dune tray by Mario Bellini in translucent polymer, which in the sky blue version seems to reflect the waves of the ocean, lighting up glasses and cups with glowing, three-dimensional colour effects. The perfect partner is the Jellies Family, also by Kartell, but this time designed by the inimitable Patricia Urquiola: a collection of dishes, trays, gasses, bowls, jugs and coffee services in a glossy, transparent, colourful plastic material, which changes shape and reflections in contact with the light, creating delightful nuances of colour.

Outdoor finishes, the perfect frame for designer furnishings

Outdoor paving enhances the setting, just as a beautiful frame does for a fine painting. Simple, elaborate, traditional or innovative, they’re able to enliven the design and add elegance to practical appeal. Choosing the right material for paving your outdoor areas is not always an easy task, however, and it’s important to take account of functional criteria as well as style. The Ceramiche Coem collections offer designer options that also have all the technical characteristics required for the outdoors, and the wide range available allows you to choose from a variety of widely differing styles, such as the minimal, sophisticated look of the Modica, Lagos and Blendstone collections, the material elegance of the Sassi, Beole, Silver Stone and Brit Stone collections, or the natural, bright shades of Afromosia, Pietra Sabbiosa, Arenaria and Cardoso. You’ll have no trouble finding exactly the right fit for your outdoor finishes at https://www.coem.it/en/outdoor_settings/outdoor/ – take a look to see how you can bring a unique touch to your outdoor areas.