Porcelain stoneware: why it’s a good choice?

Lots of finishes and unique characteristics, for a product you can trust 100%

New house nearly ready? Renovation finally coming to an end? If you’re choosing wall or floor tiles, porcelain stoneware may be the perfect choice. Today there are a wide range of solutions available, with innovative, high-quality stoneware finishes and effects, ready to help you tastefully furnish your home. Choosing porcelain stoneware flooring means making a conscious choice of a resistant, low-maintenance material that offers excellent hygiene and an unrivalled appearance, with a range of features that make it not only trendy but also extremely reliable.

Low water absorption

Porcelain stoneware has a water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%, which makes it one of the most water-repellent materials on the market. This low water absorption coefficient also gives it excellent bending strength, i.e. the pressure the material can withstand without breaking.

Good abrasion and impact resistance

One of the most significant features of porcelain stoneware is its excellent abrasion resistance, i.e. its ability to resist and stand up to the actions connected with the movements of bodies, surfaces or materials that come into contact with it. Thanks to its resistance, due to the firing and pressing of the material, this kind of flooring also withstands impact effectively.

Resistance to frost, fire and thermal shock

Porcelain stoneware is resistant to frost, water and temperatures of below 0°C, and is not damaged by pressure linked to the increase in volume of water when it freezes. The material does not burn, does not produce gas or toxic/harmful fumes in the event of fire or exposure to flames. Thermal shock resistance refers to the ability of the surface of the glaze not to suffer visible alterations from the shock deriving from the difference in temperature caused by successive cycles of immersion in water at room temperature to positioning in heaters at a temperature of over 105°C.

Collections that are beautiful and green

Porcelain stoneware is composed of natural raw materials such as clay, feldspars, sand and kaolin. Manufacturers such as Fioranese have environmental certifications such as UNI EN ISO 14001 and EMAS, attesting to a sustainable production process.

Fioranese: the ideal style choice for any setting

Fioranese has created a large number of collections with a range of different finishes, including marble and concrete effects, the most iconic collections such as the Cementine tiles and the FIO.: design project, as well as traditional effects like wood and stone, offering a world of patterns and nuances for a huge range of choices. Colours remain perfectly stable, and are not altered by exposure to the sun, weather or smog. The colouring process developed makes it possible to reproduce veining effects and shades to perfection, while maintaining all the durability and reliability typical of porcelain stoneware.
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