Redefining volumes and boundaries with light

Lighting up spaces through the finishes

The lighting of a space has a significant effect on those living in them. Consider the importance of light in an environment like the home where most people pass much of their time. Today relaxing in brightly lit rooms is important for recuperating after a long week of work. Light is able to give form to space, bringing out details and nuances. In modern houses and apartments, the floors most used today have clear lines and neutral colours. The basic idea of the modern style is, in fact, that of creating harmony and peace thanks to the use of materials easy to clean and long-lasting.

Numerous effects for finishes which are always different

Thanks to its many varieties, stoneware can be used with different effects, some of which are perfect for highlighting lighter tones. Clear stone, however, is perfect for modern and elegant environments, for people that, in any case, don’t want to renounce the natural beauty of stone. The marble effect with its beautiful veining, ideal for elegant and modern settings, is one of our favourites. It’s one of the best solutions for those looking for the refinement and elegance of marble but who also want the certain qualities of stoneware.

Opaque or shiny? So many possibilities!

Thanks to the different collections created by Fioranese, we can choose from various satin or glossy, minimal or graphic finishes, obtaining a special charm and spectacular effects. Opting for a light finish allows us to illuminate and lend more volume to our spaces. Any light tone, in fact, creates the feeling of visual breadth, also reflecting natural light. This type of finish is ideal also for small and poorly lit spaces. A light floor lends environments extreme airiness, especially if we opt for the shiny finish which, in fact, tends to reflect the light even more, increasing that clean and fresh atmosphere, already present in the light colours.

Fioranese: elegant luminosity

The many and varied Fioranese collections make it possible to use stoneware in its lightest shades, also in contrast or in combination with other nuances and finishes for a result with a guaranteed impact. Besides fashions and materials, a light floor exudes a charm that is hard to ignore. Some love it for its lightness, others for its sense of order and cleanness. The different collections created by Fioranese definitely make it possible to satisfy a variety of tastes and uses for making every environment really special and unique. Let’s allow ourselves to be inspired by some of the solutions proposed in line with this summery and extremely elegant mood in its simplicity and brightness.

Light and simplicity in a contemporary style

Every environment can have its own character and uniqueness; thanks to the different Fioranese collections available, we can choose the light effect that best reflects our creative vein. Looking for a metropolitan style? Try Fio.Brick Artic White, which derives from the increasingly common tendency to use extremely stylish diamond-shaped brick effects with a mood which is both contemporary and retro at the same time. The particular Artic White nuance has a rigorous elegance, simple yet extremely striking, which also manages to highlight the furnishing. If we prefer, instead, a stone with a particularly bright effect, Granum Bianco is inspired by the light of Brazilian granites; the fine pattern and veining lend this porcelain stoneware a uniform and refined appearance. If a marble effect is preferred, for elegance and modernity, the intense white Marmorea collection is the ideal finish for our project and for enhancing our spaces. If, however, we want to opt for an extremely contemporary and versatile effect, we can choose the concrete effect of warm, bright and beguiling Kintsugi Moonlight, or the colder and unexpectedly brilliant resin effect of Schegge Calce.

Bright finishes with a surprising effect

Fioranese offers a number of really particular collections that can become the key feature of the environment in which they are inserted. Fio.Clorofilla, for example, designed by the interior designer Davide Tonelli, in the Rugiada nuance expresses all the elegance of light stoneware and can be easily combined with Primavera, Selva and Nembo from the same collection. If, instead, we want to aim for spirituality and a mood that comes directly from far-off Japan, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the Kintsugi Hibi Moonlight collection, which perfectly mixes lighter shaded stoneware with the typical veining of Far-Eastern art, an effect which is truly striking in any type of environment. The Schegge Deco Calce collection, on the other hand, is perfect if you prefer a “terrace” effect in which marble is fragmented into irregular splinters of different thickness spread over a resin-effect porcelain stoneware, creating irregular and dynamic patterns.
All that remains is to visit the site to find inspiration and light up our rooms!