Retro style speaks a modern language

A new aesthetic starring colours and details

While for years the interior design world has preferred the minimal style characteristic of Nordic countries, known for its simple and essential lines, recently more space has been given to the return of Italian tradition. A style, with that artisanal connotation symbolising Italian manufacturing, celebrated by architecture, cinema passing through art and photography, marking a transition from simple lines and minimal environments to interiors characterised by close attention to detail and elegance. One of the greatest expressions, in this sense, is the return of the Venetian floor, a solution with a strong visual impact able to satisfy many tastes and sensitivities. When we talk about these particular finishes, we know that spaces take on a timeless, refined flavour. Let’s find out where the Nostalgia collection by Ceramiche Coem, which perfectly represents this style, comes from.

Be inspired by Nostalgia

‘Nostalgia’ is a collection that celebrates the charm of the Venetian floor, but not only. This collection allows you to add a highly decorative appeal, unique in its bright, warm and welcoming effect that knows how to produce refined solutions in line with the latest trends. Thanks to its non-uniform composition, it can be used to create spaces with high visual impact, where the detail of the finish provides the perfect frame for unique and elegant spaces. Precisely for this reason, the collection can be used to embellish any room in the home, from the living area to the kitchen to the bedrooms; thanks to its particular effect, each space will acquire personality and character.

The unpredictable nature of creativity

The heart of ‘Nostalgia’ is a range of grits with a retro scent, dominated by the use of colour. The aesthetics, characterised by small flakes inspired by Venetian terrazzo, makes this collection adaptable to any style of furniture. What makes it special are the five colour variants, ranging from neutral to earthy shades, with a completely random and unrepeatable mix of flakes, which make everything extremely bright and surprising. With the colours VANILLA, BUTTER, STONE, COPPER, CAVIAR, you can make spaces elegant, without forcing, while emphasising the potential of the visual space. A technical product that evokes and enhances the design of a recent past, giving it a new life, through the combination of colours and materials that dialogue in a balanced yet always unique way.

The elegance of decoration

‘Nostalgia’ is a highly versatile collection, able to inspire the creativity of designers to the full. Elegance, sophistication, but also attention to detail and hospitality, make it truly unique. The collection is also enriched by the new SQUARE MOSAIC that expands the horizons of customisation. Thanks to this new design element, the collection can now be used to create large spaces with a high visual impact. Once again, the Square mosaic makes our interior design projects truly spectacular, and the search for detail can completely customise any public or private space.

We design with nature

This collection is not only about elegance, but also about sustainability.
Coem’s inspiration always comes from a continuous dialogue between space and material, creating collections that speak of authentic beauty as well as innovation. With this approach, Coem combines sustainability with the technical and aesthetic performance of its products; continuous technological innovation and specific management procedures allow the company to work responsibly towards society and the nature that surrounds us. The result is durable and healthy ceramics with enhanced technical characteristics intended to ensure personal well-being while improving the spaces we live in. A sure answer to the new need to plan for a better future.
Nostalgia is produced with full-body porcelain stoneware defined as “UNGLAZED – Materia Pura”, composed of natural clays of different colours with a matt surface, with small compact flakes inside, in 3 colours all different to those of the base clay, creating a completely random and unrepeatable mix: the absence of enamel and digital graphics gives the collection a truly unique and refined look.
“UNGLAZED – Materia Pura” is an unglazed stoneware that, on one hand, meets the needs of contemporary and extremely refined interior design, and on the other offers greater resistance to slipping, abrasion and impacts, characteristics that make it meet the design requirements for public spaces with high foot traffic.