SICURA: innovation dedicated to our wellbeing

Coem technology and creativity

The new look of Cersaie 2021 is a cube, the distinctive graphic element of the Cersaie logo, which opens up in a number of modules that take on three-dimensional forms, generating a multiplicity of pixels that create new possibilities and scenarios. This is the visual representation of the new “OPEN TO EVOLUTION” concept of this edition of Cersaie, to underline the tendency to always absorb stimuli and look towards the future. It’s a concept that extends to product innovation, which doesn’t concern only creativity, but also the safety and the performances of the collections that we use for our spaces. Ceramiche Coem has been investing for many years in the development of new technological solutions to make every collection special from all points of view: today we present SICURA.

Taking care of environments

Any aspect associated with cleaning and the hygiene of environments if fundamental for guaranteeing people’s health and wellbeing. The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to underlining the importance of the two terms. A fundamental role, both with regards to cleaning and the hygiene of environments, is attributed to the materials used for surface coverings. Surfaces can, in fact, contribute to making environments healthy in terms of cleanability, hygiene and the emission of volatile substances. It is essential, therefore, to consider these aspects when choosing the coverings for our environments.

Paying attention to the coverings

The floor is one of those surfaces inside a building subject to contamination, in public spaces as well as in private ones. Direct contact with shoes, animal paws and dirt of every kind with which the floor comes into contact every day make this surface “fertile ground” for the proliferation of germs and bacteria. This is, obviously, without forgetting the health situation that we have been living through, which has put the battle against bacteria into the forefront. Adequate and constant cleaning of the floor, followed by carful disinfection, is essential for achieving the hygiene standards required for a determined environment, according to its intended use. This is, not, however, sufficient by itself. An effective help in maintaining, over time, a good level of surface hygiene comes from the use of anti-bacterial materials for coverings.

Perfect anti-bacterial floors in any environment

Health structures, schools, sports facilities, and restaurants are all environments subject to heavy foot traffic, and, therefore, it seems obvious to furnish these spaces with an anti-bacterial floor to guarantee healthy, safe and hygienic surfaces. That’s not all. Due to the pandemic that we are going through, these are currently very appropriate requirements, also in a residential context. Porcelain stoneware, as we know, is a ceramic product already durable and hygienic, it doesn’t release VOC (volatile organic substances) and is easy to clean; it’s a product which has lately undergone significant improvements from a technological point of view, making it even stronger and healthier.

The home is SAFE with COEM

Coem has developed a new line of extremely innovative products with a very clear name: SICURA.
SICURA offers an important support in contrasting the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms and bacteria dangerous to health, which can propagate in various contexts. The new line of SICURA products has been designed to provide a real anti-bacterial shield incorporated in the ceramic product, valid h24, which eliminates up to 99.9% of surface bacterial. The technology adopted is based on silver ions that block the metabolism of the bacteria, eliminating them and preventing their proliferation. Anti-bacterial protection is guaranteed as well as the certainty of having a reliable surface, with high hygienic performances, unalterable by wear, mould, fungi and climatic conditions. With this line, Coem unites beauty and elegance with safety. Thanks to SICURA, today hygiene and wellbeing can be guaranteed in all commercial and residential environments.
Find out about SICURA, COEM anti-microbic protection that revolutionises the concept of cleanliness and hygiene, by visiting our stand at Cersaie 2021 (Bologna, 27 September – 1 October 2021, Pavilion 37 / STAND A16-B15)!