The colour of environments? the app will decide!

Finding the right nuances for walls becomes child’s play

Increasingly used by architects and interior designers, colours add personality to homes and today play a fundamental role in the design of spaces. Thanks to colours, in fact, we can not only create fascinating atmospheres in environments, but we can also modify the perception of the spaces, giving them more depth, if desired. How to find the right colour, try out different shades without ruining the walls first? It’s easy; you just need an app! There are numerous applications available, downloadable on to the phone or tablet and you can immediately try out all the colours you want without any problem.

Frame, snap and colour!

The free Wall Painter application for iPhones, for example, is very simple and works really well: you just need to take a photo that shows one or more walls, or download it from the bookshelf, select the colour to substitute and magically it will be applied to the wall. The program is able to automatically detect any objects present in the room, such as paintings, shelves and tables, and excludes them from the colouring. The palette of shades is really big, but there’s more! Besides the many colours available in the application, you can upload new ones, taking them directly from a photo or from the camera. Have you seen the colour of a wall in a magazine? Photograph the page, select the colour and apply it to your wall as you wish.

With Paint My Wall, walls are becoming social

Thanks to the Paint My Wall – Virtual Room Painting app, besides changing the colours of the walls simply using a photo, you can share your inspiration on the social platforms and ask for the opinion or suggestions of your friends in real time. Another very interesting example is the Sikkens app, again free and available also for androids which, besides simulation, suggests possible variations of colour, proposing those most suitable for a certain context. Rather than choosing a specific pantone from the range, in the visualizer you can frame and touch the desk, chair or piece of furniture with the tone closest to what you would like to reproduce on the wall. The system will automatically propose the shading most suited to your virtual approaches and attempts… including the craziest and the boldest, those which you would never ever have the courage to try out in practice.

So many colours available, but pay attention to the floors and wall coverings!

If you love novelty and change, renewing the colour of the walls of the house will allow you to give new life to spaces. It’s obviously always important to consider floorings and wall coverings, to create welcoming environments and make the right choice for the colour of the walls. To obtain roomy, natural and light spaces, such as those achievable thanks to Ceramiche Coem, you can choose to paint with neutral and minimal tones, but at the same time decisive and with character, such as the nuances that range from beige, to dove-grey, to grey. Coem’s Terrazzo collection, for example, thanks to its graphic effects and the natural and design materials, combines a sober style with a vintage-inspired interpretation of the materials. It was created in the 15th century in Venice as a new way of using marble, granite and quartz left-overs in a refined way: these fragments, combined with the concrete base, form a unique composite with a look similar to an irregular mosaic, often used for decorative purposes, thanks to the flexibility of the material that makes it possible to create “drawings” (
Choosing will not be easy, just as it’s not easy to decide on the shading of the walls, even though the apps suggested could become child’s play… with the decorator obviously not included!