5 tricks for giving a 1950s touch to your kitchen

Colours, accessories and finishings to generate an atmosphere which is both magic and a little retro

How to resist the romantic charm of a 1950s atmosphere? If we are also attracted to the furniture and design of that period, let’s find out together about some ideas to give our kitchens a fascinating retro touch. We can choose to copy one single suggestion or, why not, to mix the various proposals, to create a timeless environment in our homes. We just have to allow ourselves to be inspired!

Let’s choose furniture with a vintage design

If we love the retro style, especially in the kitchen, we could choose for this area furniture characterized by a refined vintage design. The best idea is to go to the antique markets, looking for unique and authentic pieces, to bring back to life with a proper restoration, such as, for example, an old rustic-style sideboard, or a large and spacy cupboard from the 1950s. If, however, there is a shortage of time available, we could opt for modern furniture made in vintage style, in which authentic elements, such as, for example, an old industrial counter or a 1950s white stove, are put alongside new furniture with delicate retro lines. The result is a kitchen with striking visual impact, welcoming and refined at the same time, to make use of every day with our family.

Let’s paint walls and surfaces with pastel colours.

An effective way to transform our kitchen into a fascinating retro environment could be to paint the walls and surfaces with delicate pastel shades. In this way we will evoke the dreamy atmospheres of houses from the 1950s and 1960s, which have become true icons of style thanks to the unforgettable films starring Doris Day. We could play with contrasts, choosing soft colours for the walls in beige shades and romantic “sugared almond” tones for the cabinets. .

Let’s decorate with cheerful striped or polka dotted curtains

Sometimes it’s enough to give our kitchen an original vintage touch! Such as, for example, a curtain coloured and decorated with cheerful striped or polka dot patterns: one small detail can contribute to creating a fascinating retro atmosphere, also in surroundings furnished in a modern style; a lively pleated red and white striped curtain, for example, is perfect for creating an original colour contrast in the sitting room as well as in the kitchen with light or pastel coloured furnishings.

Let’s make way for vintage domestic appliances

Do we have a soft spot for vintage-style domestic appliances? Why not put them on show? We could, for example, choose models that stand out for lively colours, such as a cheerful yellow fridge, or a large kitchen range with red trims. Or, if the kitchen has niches, we could even create a sort of ad hoc corner, almost as if the domestic appliance was a precious work of art. Pastel-coloured mixers, toasters, and accessories for the kitchen are all elements that can add an extra touch to the 1950s atmosphere that we wish to create.

1950s-inspired wall coverings with a contemporary taste

Creating an environment such as the kitchen with a 1950s flavour certainly does not mean doing without a modern atmosphere with a contemporary feel. Ceramica Fioranese, for example, launched in September 2018 a striking new 1950s-inspired collection with absolutely modern and elegant textures.

The Liquida collection offers forms and patterns recalling the design of that period but reinterpreted and modernised, contaminated by a careful choice of colours, transforming tradition into new trends. Liquida, the new project in 20×20 cm created by Davide Tonelli, includes six pastel colours, the result of a careful analysis of new colour trends: ivory, turtle grey, pink, sage, sugar paper and cocoa to create an eclectic porcelain stoneware, completed with eight patterns expressing different contemporary languages, able to fit into residential and commercial environments. The surface is inspired by a natural contemporary lime with the classic dynamic effect which is obtained from application by hand.