A special theatre thanks to COEM

The Reverso collection is a star feature of an extraordinary international project

The new Zuidplein theatre, also known as the Kunstenpand, was completed on 6 May 2020. The initiative forms part of a development plan for the city of Rotterdam; the Zuidplein theatre includes a hall, two auditoriums, a café-restaurant and part of the Public Library. Opened in September this year, this multi-purpose space has been developed with particular attention to every detail; special care has been taken with the look of every aspect of the design. The Coem Reverso collection plays a fundamental role in this project, making the environments welcoming, creating an atmosphere which is both relaxing and contemporary at the same time. Let’s discover together what makes this splendid theatre so unique.

A city and its theatre

The Rotterdam theatre was opened for the first time in 1954 as the “Groote Schouwburg” and was renamed “Theater Zuidplein” after a significant restoration in 1978. The theatre programme includes performances that focus on topical themes. The programme is very varied: cabaret, dance, theatre, theatrical concerts, youth theatre and matinee theatre for senior citizens, festivals and performances with guest directors.

A dynamic and multi-disciplinary space

The idea of the Zuidplein theatre is to be more than a theatre. As part of this objective, it always organises very original activities, including very varied youth theatre productions. Many performances are accompanied by special selections of food and drink from all over the world. At Theater Zuidplein there’s always the possibility of meeting and greeting the artists! Moreover, the theatre bar is open for lunch and dinner and always has surprising menus.

A project made to amaze!

The interior of the theatre fits in perfectly with the very modern external architecture; everything has been designed by De Zwarte Hond in partnership with BURO M2R. The high lobby hosts numerous activities and is connected to all the other areas: there’s always something to do and to discover. Like Rotterdam’s own “living room”, the hall even has an additional stage, which hosts mainly performances for children and other initiatives for young people, music groups, DJs and exhibitions centred on the city.

An unconventional space

The main auditorium is unique of its kind, even adapting to standing audiences. It’s fitted with a sliding tribune which, when necessary, is removed to make for space. The stage at the Zuidplein theatre – whose surface area exceeds the hall – can be easily converted into a multi-purpose space, which can accommodate up to a maximum of 1000 standing or dancing visitors. In addition, the ground floor and the balcony can be separated from the space using a mobile wall.

The welcoming heart of the theatre

The high lobby is the heart of the building. Every function is directly or indirectly connected with this space. The Coem Reverso stone-effect collection has been used in the immense entrance hall, the reception areas and bathrooms. The 45×90 format in the Reverso Walnut and Beige colours creates a very striking wave-effect. Reverso Beige in the 30×60 and 60×120 cm formats has, instead, been used in the other spaces. This collection is perfect for the project and emphasises the volumes and light effects. This result is obtainable thanks to the fact that the Reverso stone-effect porcelain stoneware perfectly interprets the retro look of partially imperfect travertine slabs, with less evident and almost faded surface patterns. The style is in line with the “raw” contemporary trend: the charm of irregular surfaces interpreted with elegance and refinement. It’s a collection that lends uniqueness and warmth even in the context of a public space.