Aesthetics and wellbeing: the importance of greenery

Furnishing in harmony with nature

Why not take nature into the home, creating green corners that give life and colour to its environments? Plants create a welcoming, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and transmit tranquillity and wellbeing. Alternatively, we can choose finishes and decorations that make reference to greenery in all its aspects, so as to create a unique bond with the outside world. Here are a number of ideas for furnishing our home with a touch of originality and for bringing a breath of fresh air and a lush and wild atmosphere into it.

Friendly plants for the kitchen

Have you ever thought of putting plants in the kitchen? Plants not only purify the air, but they create the right atmosphere, generating natural fragrances in the environment we live in. Putting aromatic herbs in the kitchen, for example, allows you to enjoy pleasant fragrances and an agreeable spot of colour. Aromatic plants are attractive to the eye, besides being excellent for use in the kitchen. So, yes to basil, sage, parsley and mint, marjoram and to thyme, liquorice and chives, to make our dishes really special, as well as our kitchens!

Pictures…come to life

Living picture frames are an alternative for those who don’t want to cover an entire wall with greenery, but to introduce only small-sized elements. These objects decorate a wall just like a real picture and can contain various plant species. Living picture frames allow you create a space dedicated to plants and flowers. It’s not necessary to have large walls: the beauty of a “living” picture frame lies in being able to effectively furnish every corner of the home thanks to their different dimensions. Your spaces will take benefit from their introduction and you can experience the beauty of having a small green oasis in the home.

Black thumbs?

Those who really don’t have green thumbs can focus on succulent plants, particularly well-suited as they need little care and are perfectly able to resist high home temperatures. Succulent plants have excellent absorbing qualities, which allow for the accumulation of great quantities of water. The practicality and exceptional variety of shapes and colours of these ornamental plants make them a veritable green furnishing accessory, perfect for decorating spaces inside and outside the home, creating very enchanting corners.

Enhancing spaces thanks to greenery

To create welcoming environments in which greenery is the key feature, it’s essential to choose finishes that are able to enhance it in all its nuances. A current modern trend sees the combination of striking porcelain stoneware collections, like those of Fioranese, with floral or vegetable elements that create the sensation of there being no barriers between indoors and outdoors. Visiting the Fioranese site, it’s possible to find lots of ideas that can be useful for both our indoor and outdoor spaces. With the modern and striking Prestige collection, for example, touches of colour can be inserted thanks to the knowing positioning of plants and flowers, which can be treated like design elements. The Pietraviva collection is ideal for creating seamlessness between interiors and exteriors. Alternatively, it’s possible to opt for the contemporary Mashup New Blend collection with which, thanks to the soft concrete effect, it’s possible to exalt the greenery in all its different aspects. Thanks, to the Variegati collection with the terracotta effect and its characteristic stripes, it’s possible to create a special space where the decorative effect allows us to accommodate the plants we love most in the best way possible. We can’t end this overview without referring to Fio.Clorofilla by Davide Tonelli for Fioranese. The collection is one of the best examples of “Biophilic Design”. This trend focuses precisely on the relationship between man and nature, seeking to create spaces in which to “incorporate the outdoors”, to give people the opportunity to take advantage of it. The collection is composed of a range of floors for interiors and coverings inspired by handmade botanic designs, which transport the natural universe into our homes. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this collection which is so trendy and magical.
There are truly many Fioranese collections with which to make our environments greener!