Projects for outdoors: the key-word is sustainability

The importance of respect for nature

Looking towards the summer season, thoughts inevitably turn to outdoor spaces: having a garden which is beautiful and eco-sustainable at the at the same time does not require a great deal of effort; it’s sufficient to pay attention to a number of details. In the furnishing of your ecological and sustainable garden, the choice of the right materials is essential. A careful selection of things to use affects not only the final aesthetics, but also the comfort and durability of your furniture and finishes. Let’s, therefore, have a look at a number of expedients for really respecting nature and being sustainable, fundamental goals for us and for future generations.

Attention to materials for the outdoors

The outdoor space must be conceived as a continuation of the indoor one. If for interiors we choose furnishing materials with care, we should follow the same philosophy for exteriors, defining carefully every aspect of the home decor. We have to respect the colours and the style chosen for our home and ensure that it is reflected like a mirror in our outdoor spaces. It’s possible to opt for green and sustainable solutions also with regards to furniture for the outdoors. In the choice of materials, it’s always a good idea to prefer products that have a quality certification and to always check the places of production.

How to furnish a truly sustainable garden

The highest selling and most used material for furnishing the garden in a sustainable way is bamboo. It’s a very resistant material, it withstands humidity, and can be exposed to the sun and to the rain! Besides bamboo, it’s possible to also choose rattan, teak and acacia wood. Many companies today offer collections dedicated to sustainable outdoors, making it possible to create special, colourful and absolute design spaces for hospitality. Searching online, moreover, it’s possible to find furnishing ideas developed using recycled materials… or that have a vintage taste, allowing you to support the circular economy.

How to illuminate the garden in a green style

Carefully designing the lighting of the garden allows you to save energy efficiently. All this can be achieved without compromising on design: latest-generation LED lamps are aesthetically attractive and become themselves a decoration element to highlight. With respect to other solutions, LED allows for greater energy saving and, at the same time, pollutes less. LED lights are ideal for outlining walkways, perhaps marking the route from the veranda to the garden.

Outdoor finishes

The choice of outdoor paving must take account of different variables to those for indoors, which can be assessed especially according to functional criteria, as well as aesthetic ones. The materials for the outdoors must be adapted to the requirements of the place (hot, rainy or icy areas) in which they are inserted. In addition to these considerations, we must add that it is essential, if we really want to respect nature, to choose companies that produce collections from a sustainable viewpoint. We must always evaluate whether the company that we are choosing produces in compliance with all the environmental certifications and if it considers sustainability as an important aspect.

Coem: the importance of a green approach

Respect for man and nature underpins Corm’s approach, because for us one does not exist without the other.
Sustainability has for some time been at the centre of Coem’s corporate strategy and activities: sustainability is a value that aims at generating beauty, a promise of happiness that equates to a powerful form of energy enabling further progress.
Investing in innovation means investing in protecting the environment.
Coem’ actions follow principles inspired by the concept of concreteness and the conviction that sustainability means, first and foremost, creating a system able to last over time, in respect of all the resources that the company utilises and in the awareness that the future of the next generations depends on the choices made today.
Continuous research aims at making it possible to improve the entire ceramic production system and to avoid waste and time, optimising materials and resources to guarantee surfaces that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable.

Design + sustainability

Today it’s possible to choose for our outdoor spaces collections that are beautiful, characterised by design and which respect the environment. The Coem collections such as Blendstone, Cardoso, I Sassi, Kavastone, Lagos, Moon_Stone, Moon_Vein, Porfirica, Pietra Sabbiosa and Silver Stone have been developed taking into account the importance of sustainability, including a certain quantity of recycled material. Sustainability must be a way of thinking; it must be a veritable way of life, without, however, renouncing the creativity and beauty of the products that we love the most. New relationships are, therefore, being established between interior design, sustainability and the natural world. Blendstone is the answer for this vision: an accurate selection of materials existing in nature, such as marbles, stones and worn surfaces, which mixed together give rise to this versatile collection. Cardoso, instead, thanks to the stone effect structured in warmer colours, will personalize your outdoors in an elegant and modern way. The I Sassi collection will make you fall in love with the river stones-effect, while Moon_Stone and Moon_Vein will give our spaces a look which is natural, but at the same time modern and full of atmosphere. Ceramiche Coem offers its customers numerous different solutions, with each one of us being able make our choice while truly respecting the environment!