Bali: magical hues from distant lands

Harmony between man and nature is achieved through colour

One trend, very significant in interior design, which will increasingly encompass the world of floorings and wall coverings, is that of creating a harmony of colours and materials in order to make our spaces truly unique. Taking inspiration from nature, capturing its different colours is extremely stimulating for conceiving new furnishing projects and personalising our environments with a seamless continuity between interior and outdoor spaces.

Distant lands with magical colours

Bali is a name that immediately makes one think of spirituality, uncontaminated nature, the sea and relaxation. This Indonesian island is loved by many. Balinese design is unique and renowned for its total harmony with nature, achieved thanks to the combination of materials and colour. The colours most often used are brown, which recalls the wood of the tropical forests and the earth, and green, which is inspired by the plants of the forest. These colours are combined with orange, the colour particularly loved by the Balinese and used to paint their houses, fences and temples and white, which signifies purity and adds a lot of brightness.

Bali: the harmony of the soul

Ceramiche Coem celebrates one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a very special collection: BALI.
It’s a Porcelain Stoneware that has decisive and irregular graphics that reinterpret an Indonesian slate dense with matter. The many and varied colour contrasts range from white to yellow, from red to brown and to grey: BALI contains all the most intensive colours of the Earth, from hot sand to the blackest lava. Hues of exceptional beauty create a suggestive naturalness that invites the search for a re-established harmony between man and nature.

External spaces that dialogue with nature

For the BALI collection, Coem has decided to reproduce a slate rich in elements unique in nature, celebrating the colours of our precious planet.
BALI is a stone-effect porcelain stoneware, unique and extremely striking, endowed with an aesthetic balance and a strong personality that fits in perfectly with external spaces, particularly swimming pool areas; a really special collection with essential lines and a contemporary flavour that opens up dialogues with the natural world around us.

Unforgettable places: our swimming pools

It’s possible to enhance our swimming pools to the full starting from the finishings, which are the real “furnishing” element of the pools and walkways. BALI is ideal for this type of external covering: besides the usual interior version, the “Antislip A+B” surface version is available specifically for outdoors and swimming pools, accompanied by a vast range of special pieces perfect for covering edges and steps. The brilliant crystalline effect is exceptional, particularly when BALI is used for swimming pool bottoms: deep, reflecting turquoise, green and blue nuances create the elegant and exotic atmospheres of the most beautiful islands in the world.
Don’t you want to dive in?