Colour trends for 2019: simplicity, warmth and a return to the material

Spring…time for new shades to bring a new look

For the new year, the key concepts appear to be an eclectic, lively look on the one hand, and a minimal, geometric style on the other. 2019 is set to be more than just a “dive into the coral reef” with Living Coral, with new shades bringing inspiration and marking interior design trends for the home. Moving away from the excessively psychedelic, acid colours of late, the new home opens its doors to warmer, cosier nuances, welcoming in a vibrant array of velvety, compact colours, perfect for creating fascinating furnishing combinations, for new looks packed with character that mix and match very different styles. From the warmest spectrum of beige and caramel to whale blue and balanced sky hues, as well as the new ultra-smooth pomegranate red, cream pink and more subtle tones of green, the colour range couldn’t be broader or more complete. Let’s take a closer look at the shades that’ll be accompanying us through 2019.

Beige and Caramel

Elegant shades that look great everywhere, the more intense shades of beige, tending towards caramel, form one of the most appealing colour palettes for furnishings in 2019. The perfect compromise between past and future, they’re ideal for embellishing settings of all kinds, for distinctive furnishing solutions that bring a warm, sophisticated, modern glow.

Green for all seasons

The green shades for the new year shake off the more acid nuances in favour of softer, more elegant tones, from neutral sage to denser opal shades, both perfect for the classiest of furnishing combinations. Soft and sought after in the comforting tones of sage, a rising star among the neutral shades, green is set to bring calm and tranquillity, for original combinations that engage well with all furnishing styles. A right-on-trend colour that teams ceramics with a material inspiration to evoke natural landscapes.

Shades of blue

A cool, darkish tone, already extremely big in the home textiles collection for 2018, is the chicest option possible for those who love the colours of sea and sky but shy away from the “nursery room” effect. Suitable for bringing a rigorous, quality look to small kitchens or bathrooms seeking a new look, it’s the perfect partner for all shades of grey, and ideal for ultra-modern, winning combinations with darker shades of red, such as prune, marsala and Bordeaux.

Cream Pink

Pink continues to have plenty to say in interior design, and is an interesting, more or less neutral base colour base for subtly colourful settings. Cream pink, brighter than greige but less vibrant than rose quartz, is a strong candidate for striking combinations in 2019. The perfect ally of the lighter grey and brown shades, this bright, stylish colour has no equal. Ideal for bedrooms and areas to relax in, it’s boho chic, minimal and eclectic, a great choice for settings lacking in natural light.

New inspirations and innovative three-dimensional coverings

In the design proposals for the home in 2019, porcelain stoneware products with original textures are the ideal surfaces for all sorts of furnishing choices. With its impressive range of graphic and geometric effects, porcelain stoneware is versatile enough to slot smoothly into a variety of interior design options. For example, along with Davide Tonelli, Ceramica Fioranese has created the Passepartout collection, featuring volumetric porcelain stoneware ceramic panels with striking, saturated shades able to radically transform domestic or commercial settings, bringing an extremely new, original touch. The collection is part of the Fio. project, the creative journey Ceramica Fioranese has embarked on through the contemporary world, influenced by the art of “Made in Italy”.

Fio. is a line of products that teams design with trends and craftsmanship with technology, offering a smooth blend of 100% Italian history and creativity. Passepartout comes in a single, 30.2×60.4 cm size, in 8 pastel colours. The surface features a raised stripe effect reminiscent of fabric. So, to sum up, 2019 means new shades and colours, as well as a new dimension for ceramics. Find out just what’s so special about the Passepartout collection, and get ready to bring a unique, three-dimensional look to your walls.