Beautiful, precious and durable: marble-effect porcelain stoneware never falls out of fashion

All the allure of rare materials and shimmering surfaces, reinterpreted to perfection by Fioranese

If you think marble is beyond your means, destined for prestigious settings or unsuitable for contemporary environments, let yourself be persuaded otherwise as you explore the marble-effect porcelain stoneware collections by Fioranese, which have brought a fresh twist to this special material with modern colours, textures and veining effects. Thanks to these collections, architects and interior designers can develop projects inspired by marble-effect ceramics, allowing them to create wonderfully striking looks suitable for all kinds of environments. The technical performance and aesthetic advantages of stoneware allow outstanding resistance to be teamed with the eternal beauty of marble, with its precious reflections, veining effects and interplay of colours. We’re pleased to present four truly unique Fioranese marble-effect collections of astounding beauty and elegance.

The unique “sound” of marble

The veining effects of marble provide the inspiration for the Sound of Marbles collection, a covering material with a graphic flavour and decorations created in collaboration with Neropaco, a group of artisans from Modena who explored the fragmentation and re-composition of different types of marble slabs, coming up with different ways to combine them, based on colour contrasts. The assertive character of this extremely contemporary collection makes it ideal for radically transforming the appearance of our homes, teaming monochrome base tiles with a range of decorations organised around six geometric shapes, combined using diagonal or curved cuts to create truly striking compositions bursting with personality.

Using contrasts to embellish settings

The black/white colour contrast provides the inspiration for the marble-effect Prestige collection, which offers pairings of light and dark shades, both warm and cool. These surfaces create pleasant effects when combined, but they can also be used on their own. Perfect for both floors and walls, in settings with all sorts of styles, they are able to bring out all the timeless majesty of the finest marble. The highly distinctive finish, able to bring an exquisite – and extremely contemporary – touch, is ideal for beautifully enhancing the furnishings.

The modern elegance of a special marble effect

The everlasting, classic allure of marble, with its veins and unmistakeable appeal, is evident in the Marmorea2 collection. Five colours, from the purest white to the darkest grey, and a wide range of sizes define beautifully modern surfaces that shape a whole new concept of elegance.
The decorated floor, which comes in three variants, is reminiscent of the technique of inserting small marble tesserae into a cement surface. Thanks to the variety of patterns and the two different finishes, polished and matt, Marmorea2 can be used in all kinds of settings, from the most classic to the most minimal, creating a distinctive, unique effect with a refined, sophisticated charm.

Contemporary classic

Marmorea is a collection derived from in-depth material and style research aimed at reproducing the sensations offered by fine-quality quarry marble, creating surfaces of impressive depth and brightness. Digital decoration technology has made it possible to develop the colours and nuances typical of the most classic types of marble, reproducing their characteristic variability on porcelain stoneware. This collection allows you to introduce the marble effect into any setting, enhancing both furnishings and architectures.