Summer furnishing colours: the attraction of light

New colours and large formats for modern and welcoming spaces

Colours are a fundamental detail, able to give personality to every room: they can communicate, excite, entertain and make you fall in love. Today, despite Pantone’s suggestions regarding this year’s trendy colours, the favourite colours of most designers and architects are grey, dove grey and beige, suggested both for furnishings and for wall and floor finishings. Being neutral and natural colours, they adapt perfectly to any context, whether classic or modern. The beige and grey versions, in particular, combine well also with earth and sand shades, themselves neutral colours, but also with bright colours like yellow, orange, green and purple.

Large formats, great diversity

Another important trend is the oversize of stoneware slabs, a way to upgrade the role of horizontal and vertical surfaces in interior design; it’s an field which, in the last few years, seems to be best expressed through walls and floors that simultaneously interpret words such as continuity and creativity: without losing sight of functionality and practicality. In addition, the use of nuances in the shades of grey and beige in large-size formats makes it possible to further increase the perception of spaciousness without visual discontinuity.

Two special palettes with a simple elegance

Grey is absolutely one of the trendy colours of the moment in all its variants, from warm to cold, particularly if combined with pink, light blue and brilliant green. Elegant and sophisticated palettes of grey stand at the top of the classifications of the colours most suggested for the modern home. A range rediscovered thanks to fashion and which will certainly continue to win over designers that love its intriguing and captivating shades. The nuances of beige, instead, with all its variants, always create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere to surroundings and lend an elegant and refined, almost whispered touch. Beige is certainly a universal and timeless colour, unlikely to go out of fashion and suitable for every furnishing style.

Coem’s textured collections are enhanced with new variants

Coem has always created collections with colours very close to those of nature. Today it’s possible to have a number of variants of Modica, Lagos and Grè in the Wide Gres 260 format (120×260 e 120×120 cm), which enhance the beige and grey shades and, at the same time, lend lightness and elegance to surroundings thanks to the large-size format. The Modica collection in stone-effect stoneware, an element typical of Sicilian architecture and the city of the same name, has mainly light colours with gradual passages from white with grey touches to warmer tones. Its texture is characterised by very delicate and versatile graphics: the Beige variation was inserted for this reason into the WIDEgres 120×260 and 120×120 for creating warm and particularly luminous environments. The Lagos collection is also stone-effect porcelain stoneware which, besides being rich in formats and decorations, offers a colour range going from light grey to a more intense and uniform grey. The natural and extremely “material” tones of the WIDEgres260 collection are enriched with three new nuances, always available in 120×260 and 120×120: extremely brilliant and elegant Ivory, sophisticated and intriguing Light Grey in its grey reflections, and contemporary and trendy Sand. Finally, for a particularly striking interior design we suggest the Grè-effect collection in Grey, with a natural and contemporary light, available in WIDEgres 120×260 and 120×120. The inspirations do not stop here: for more details about all the new WIDEgres260 collections, we invite you to visit our website