Cementine tiles: a choice of personality, a timeless style

Lots of ideas for using these special tiles in an original way

Today’s Cementine tiles are a reinterpretation of traditional cement paste tiles, widely used at the end of the 1800s and the early years of the 1900s, referred to, in fact, by the name of Cementine tiles and also «marmette». The current product in porcelain stoneware combines quality and design, extremely high-level technical performances and a passion for vintage products with a slightly retro taste. With many and varied possibilities of use, Cementine tiles can be installed both for floors and as wall coverings, always lending a touch of originality.

A Persian carpet? No, better Cementine tiles!

Cementine tiles have reappeared in the last few years in interior design, skipping from one style to another, as far as entering into the most modern apartments. Today Cementine tiles are used not only to cover the entire floor of an environment, but also as an authentic furnishing element for defining spaces with originality, just like carpets, creating unusual combinations with materials that are also totally different. An example? The combination with wonderful strips of wood to be walked on barefoot! This solution is perfect both for residential and commercial environments.

Backsplashes in the kitchen decorated with Cementine tiles

From the table to the seats, to the fridge and the sink, there are certain pieces of furniture in the kitchen that capture the attention; there are other very important furnishing elements besides these, however, such as backsplashes. Whether blending with the worktop or with the floor, backsplashes offer the opportunity to express our creativity with colours and designs that adapt to modern styles as well as classic ones. Cementine tiles are an excellent solution for developing extremely original and striking backsplashes. They have a retro touch that never fails: perfect if positioned behind the pieces of furniture with their patterns and also, in a contemporary version, covering a wider portion of the kitchen wall and part of the flooring.

Light and shade effects in the bathroom thanks to Cementine tiles

Furnishing the bathroom with Cementine tiles means not only opting for trendy finishings, but also personalising this particular environment, creating a classy dynamism that can be applied to practically any wall and extends even to the shower area. The effect is exquisitely decorative: tiles that embellish the walls, perhaps designing the space behind the washbasin or next to the shower, as if framing a portion or an element of the bathroom. Cementine are a type of tile particularly suited to covering the bathroom because they offer many composition solutions thanks to their decorative and colourful patterns. Ideal for being used in certain portions of walls alongside other plain tiles, they manage to add emphasis to inserts and are the perfect choice for personalising the bathroom. The shower wall can, for example, take on a completely new appearance, or a normal washbasin top can become a unique decorative element, thanks to the use of Cementine tiles!

Special projects with Fioranese’s Cementine collections

Fioranese’s famous Cementine collections are truly unique and are used by interior designers not only for coverings and floors, but also for personalising to the maximum a number of furnishing accessories, making spaces really original. The collections can have a patchwork and retro effect, or graphic but also extremely minimal and with an elegant contemporary taste, both in the coloured versions and black-and-white optical. It will be very easy to use them also for personalising furnishing elements, as does the Matrika Milano studio, which makes tables with Fioranese’s Cementine tiles: perfect for outdoors, it doesn’t matter if it rains or shines, Matrika’s table tops in Cementine tiles are resistant to water and very easy to clean. Ideal for any setting, they can personalise the sleeping area if inserted in the headboard, or used to cover and enhance certain details in commercial areas, or embellish the steps of our stairs and create striking coverings for the furniture in the bathroom area.