Ceramic? A product with many virtues

Hygiene, safety and ease of maintenance for a perfect home

We’re going to take a look at an aspect of floors in porcelain stoneware, apparently banal, but which, nevertheless, relates to our daily lives and directly affects our sense of pleasure with regards to what we have under our feet. Porcelain stoneware is a ceramic product with high-level technical performances, but for now, let’s find out more about the advantages of using of this material which, besides being particularly beautiful, has other very important features.

A safe product, for those concerned about health and hygiene

Porcelain stoneware guarantees extremely high levels of hygiene, as it blocks the proliferation of germs and bacteria and is naturally hypoallergenic. There really are many aspects that make this product ideal for the hygiene and safety of our homes and commercial spaces; first of all, there’s the possibility of obtaining a high degree of cleanliness of the product thanks to the non-porous and glassy nature of the ceramic surface, which makes it difficult for dirt to settle, allowing for its easy removal, also with normal widely available detergents. What’s more, thanks to ceramic’s properties and its inert and stable nature, it has excellent resistance to chemical agents, acids or bases. In addition, stoneware never releases volatile organic substances, and is extremely resistant to high temperatures (suitable also for steam cleaning). Technological innovation, material engineering and the possibility of extending the safety features of stoneware to large surface areas (ceramic can fully cover not only floors, but also walls and even ceilings), have further improved this material’s performance, further enhancing the basic chemical-physical-mechanical characteristics of the product.
Hygiene above all, thanks to porcelain stoneware!

Rules for correct maintenance

Correct maintenance for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces is very easy. As a first step, it’s important to carry out a thorough post-installation clean to avoid construction site dirt from generating a film on the material inside of which dirt, germs and bacteria can settle. For example, in the event of cement grouting, there are specific products for the removal of residues on the porcelain stoneware; in addition, products have been developed that seal the joints, making them easier to clean, as well as ad hoc products for cleaning the joints if epoxy fillers have been used. No problem, therefore, in immediately obtaining impermeable and easily-cleaned joints: with porcelain stoneware, maximum safety for all our environments is guaranteed right from the start.

Safe, also in a fire

Porcelain stoneware is totally fireproof: it doesn’t burn, it doesn’t react to fire and, not containing plastic materials, doesn’t produce toxic gases in the event of a fire. The production process, moreover, involves firing in kilns that exceed a temperature of 1200 °C, a process that makes the product totally inert to fire, besides being highly resistant. These characteristics are really important with relation to the safety of our home or our business environment.

Maximum resistance: a covering of lasting beauty

Porcelain stoneware tiles remain as beautiful as the day they were installed: highly resistant to surface scratches and abrasions, they are able to resist heavy weights and stress, and are recognised as a material suitable also for driveways and high-traffic areas, such as shopping centres. In addition, porcelain stoneware is not attacked by smog and other polluting agents, as well as atmospheric agents, a characteristic that makes it particularly suitable also for outdoor use, such as for facades or external paving.

Coem: sustainability as a priority

Coem has long pursued a policy of respect for the environment and product sustainability, and develops eco-sustainable and durable collections for floors and walls, allowing our customers to choose from different finishings to personalise elegant and safe environments, making a fully responsible investment. Coem porcelain stoneware is a material that, thanks to the firing at high temperature, is completely vitrified, and therefore has excellent technical properties. Moreover, it’s fireproof, non-absorbent, does not emit volatile organic substances, is compact and has excellent cleaning and hygiene features. Coem stoneware is produced in compliance with all regulations and the use of highly sustainable raw materials and processes, as demonstrated by numerous international certifications.
It’s essential when buying ceramics to verify all the technical and sustainability parameters; for this reason, Coem has set up a dedicated website for these themes to illustrate the responsible production policy adopted from an environmental, social and economic point of view. Being informed today is a priority.