Ceramica Fioranese enhances the art and craftsmanship of designer ceramics

The fascination of different materials and ever-changing surfaces is reinterpreted to perfection in the new collections presented at Cersaie 2019

There were many and varied new collections proposed by Ceramica Fioranese at the most important of ceramic events: Cersaie. In the coming months we will have the opportunity to explore together the new concepts and partnerships that the Fioranese company has devised to make its collections the symbol of a new trend.

Sfrido collection: a unique mix between concrete and wood effects

A prime example is the collection that explores the poetic encounter between wood and concrete. We are talking about Sfrido, the collection designed by Neropaco in porcelain stoneware that mixes the decisive character of the industrial material par excellence with the warmth of natural wood essences. It’s a creative exercise underpinned by nostalgia, but which is able to generate a highly technical and decidedly contemporary product. This is especially due to the ability to present new forms of language and decoration. The combination of the two materials is never taken for granted or casual, but carefully intended to achieve original graphic effects.

FIO.Block: the new FIO. creative line

The interpretation which the Block series, conceived by Davide Tonelli, gives to old squared concrete tiles which in the past covered courtyards and entrance halls, is of a completely different style, but always has a great visual impact. It forms part of Fioranese’s FIO. creative line, a special project conceived for bringing out the best in Made in Italy, which introduces a new aesthetics, recovering formats and aspects of industrial taste, re-proposing them in a decorative manner through the use of a modern and attractive palette of colours.

Cementine_OpenAir for outdoor spaces

Every year the outdoors environment is becoming more and more important, requiring products conceived ad hoc; characterised by great charm, thanks to a unique mix of patterns and colours, in which technological innovation, in the creation of an ever longer-lasting porcelain stoneware resistant to atmospheric agents, is fundamental. The Cementine_OpenAir Collection by Silvia Stanzani perfectly interprets this trend dedicated to exteriors, playing with colours and nineteenth-century inspired designs, reinterpreting them and making them extremely contemporary.

Top trend marble effect: we present Sound of Marbles

Marble-effect flooring and wall-covering is definitely the most obvious trend, seen extensively among the proposals seen at the Bologna fair this year. Fioranese has interpreted the marble-effect in a personal way. Its research has generated an original range of precious materials, made available to architects and interior designers looking for new aesthetic frontiers of luxury that find in marble-effect stoneware inspiration for environments with great visual impact. If you think that marble is an unattainable material, destined for prestigious settings not suited to contemporary spaces, you should think again. Fioranese’s Sound of Marbles collection gives a new interpretation to marble-effect ceramics, a particular covering with a graphic taste whose decorations have been developed in cooperation with Neropaco, the group of craft artists in Modena, which has focused on the fragmentation and re-composition of different types of marble slabs, proposing aggregate effects based on colour contrasts. It’s a product with a decisive character, able to radically transform the appearance of domestic or commercial environments. With an extremely contemporary feel, alongside the single colour backgrounds, the series offers a series of structures decorations involving six geometric shapes, combined between them according to cuts, diagonals or curves, for an always surprising effect. It’s as if the technical performances of ceramics, able to mix excellent resistance with the eternal beauty of marble, have led to a new surface aesthetic based on the special quality of reflections and colour effects. Sound of Marbles is a collection waiting to be discovered.
Stay tuned to find out more and discover with us all Fioranese’s other new collections: because if renewing home environments is stimulating, doing so with Fioranese’s new ideas will be an unforgettable journey.