Coem: nature is the star of Cersaie

Material effects, but also a virtual experience!

Coem brings its universe, made up of respect for nature and continuous research also in the technological field, to Cersaie, presenting its new collections in a physical stand of great beauty. But that’s not all. It also gave everyone the chance to discover its new developments and ideas thanks to the setting up of a virtual space available anytime, anywhere. By visiting, it was possible to find out about all the new collections proposed at Cersaie and to relive the exhibition in an alternative and innovative way. Coem again used this occasion to present many new ideas, finishes and material effects in which colours dialogue in harmony with light, to create spaces with new ideas for living.

Madre natura: a balanced harmony

The “Madre Natura” collection is a perfect balance between light and delicate nuances for a very relaxing effect. An essential stone-effect stoneware, inspired by a Portuguese Limestone that expresses elegance, harmony, sobriety, warmth and a profound sense of hospitality. “Madre Natura” is perfect for all environments of the home, offering extreme continuity and spaciousness. “Madre Natura” is not only a fascinating collection, but is also technologically advanced thanks to the new “SICURA” antibacterial protection that makes the project, just as the name says, safer and more hygienic.

Nostalgia: grits with a retro flavour

The collaboration with the Designer, Davide Tonelli, continues and has given rise to a new collection with the name “Nostalgia”. With absolutely unexpected light effects, it will become the protagonist of finishes for walls and floors. It’s an innovative range of grits with a retro flavour, available in pastel colours and with a completely random and unrepeatable mix of flakes embedded in the ceramic material. Here details enchant and create a truly magic harmony of nuances and light.

Pannonia Stone: decisive and contemporary spaces

“Pannonia Stone” is a collection that brings into the urban landscape the fascination of rocks of the Austrian stone of the same name, interpreting its characteristics in a contemporary style. Thanks to a palette of colours with unique and particular nuances, it’s possible with this collection to furnish environments to create a context which is extremely modern and refined in all its simplicity. Suitable also for outdoors, it’s really possible to create continuity without limits between indoor and outdoor spaces, in a dialogue without boundaries between man and nature.

Tuffeau: your home is your castle

Thanks to the “Tuffeau” collection, it will be possible to insert into our living spaces a touch of the magic and beauty of the castles of the Loire. A collection steeped in technology, expressiveness and beauty, which transmits the emotion, splendour and force of natural stone together with the versatility of porcelain stoneware. Dancing light and material effects that allow our spaces to revive a stone that by tradition has always been used for palaces and castles in a modern style.

Bali: magic effect

“Bali” has decisive and irregular graphics that reinterpret an Indonesian slate dense with matter. This collection is much more that its material effect; thanks to its precious details is allows you to travel with your imagination and make environments special and very particular. Its colours recall the beauty of far-off lands in which nature is the true protagonist thanks to its myriad of colours and nuances. Using “Bali” means creating projects that becomes veritable oases of harmony and colour.

WIDEgres280: Coem expands surfaces even further

The WIDEgres range enlarges with a new 120x280cm and 6mm thickness format. Extremely versatile, all the Wide Gres collections guarantee designers, architects and final users high-level performance and extreme resistance, characteristics that allow the beauty of the ceramic material to express itself. It’s a large format that makes it possible to lend spaces breadth, thanks to its use on walls and floors. This collection plays with light and the finishes really permit our spaces to acquire new volumes and visual dimensions.

Borgogna: the outdoors first and foremost!

Thanks to “Borgogna”, our external spaces become protagonists, It’s a new generation stoneware with 2 cm thickness, ideal for characterising outdoor spaces. An extremely material and bright collection, “Borgogna” is ideal for making our outdoors unique. It’s a collection that is in harmony with all that surrounds it, integrating perfectly with nature, enriching our outdoors with technology and practicality.

Tweed Stone: the strength of lava stone

“Tweed Stone” has an absolutely new and innovative lava stone effect. Its structures, changeable though colour nuances, have become the basis for a new design. We’ve added the softness of a fabric to its natural vibrations. This collection makes it possible to furnish our spaces with a beautiful and elegant pattern, creating a particular common thread between all the environments of the home.

Mea Lapis: innovative marble effect

“Mea Lapis” is a collection that has an effect never seen before, obtained precisely thanks to Ceramiche Coem’s continuous research and innovation. This collection presents a contemporary stone, generated though an alchemy of textures inspired by nature and expertly mixed, that covers harmonic spaces in which creativity combines with the calm balance of dynamic and performing surfaces. “Mea Lapis” allows us to develop projects with new light effects never seen before for extremely characteristic environments.