Kintsugi: falling in love with the East

A sophisticated, striking new concrete effect

Ceramica Fioranese has always been known for its innovative collections, which embody the creative, technologically advanced spirit of the company. The Kintsugi collection is particularly impressive, because it features a brand-new concrete effect, teaming art, oriental spirit and innovation on porcelain stoneware. It’s a delight to reflect on how to enrich interior design projects with a collection that not only frames rooms beautifully, but indeed takes on a key role in furnishing styles, bringing new value to living spaces. Elements such as the graphic effect, together with the skilful use of colour and gold, creates an enchantingly smooth, appealing balance. Kintsugi is the perfect combination of the contemporary, material effect of concrete and the ancient Japanese art of putting surfaces back together again to create something new and unexpected.

Balance and elegance from the Far East

Kintsugi allows for a new form of dialogue, shaped by the balance and sophistication that are quintessential elements of Japanese culture, bringing a new, contemporary twist to them in our living spaces. Inspiration for this collection comes from afar, from the ancient oriental art of Kintsugi: the delicate, symbolic lesson in resilience suggested by the technique of “putting back together”. In this philosophy, it is important to bring fragments back together, by joining lines to give a work a new appearance, a new beauty. In the art of Kintsugi, the transformation of the material takes on a key role in a new vision of our surroundings.

Bright, graphic concrete effect

The concrete effect is undoubtedly a trend that has been consolidated for some years now. The charm of this material has made its way silently and elegantly into modern, minimalist interior design. In this particular collection, however, a soft concrete material meets the brilliant shine of metal. Overlaid grit and glaze elements shape sparkling signs, richly material inserts able to bring greater depth to surfaces and new formal solutions that can be used to bring character to inviting, unconventional living spaces. This precious, truly unique collection takes a step away from minimalism, embracing the glow of gold and new graphic options.

The poetry of the East at the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award

The main aim of ADI, the association that brings together professionals and businesses in the world of Italian design, is to strengthen the cultural and economic value of industrial design, for the responsible, sustainable improvement of everyone’s living conditions. This is why the association safeguards and seeks to boost product quality, through the two-yearly Compasso d’Oro award, the yearly pre-selections of the ADI Design Index, and by taking part in the most important professional events in the sector, both in Italy and worldwide. This year, ADI has chosen to reward the elegance and beauty of the Kintsugi collection ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award. The award ceremony, promoted by ADI and organised by the Emilia Romagna ADI Delegation, in collaboration with Confindustria Ceramica, took place at Cersaie in Bologna on 29 September. This is the splendid explanation of why the jury chose this special collection: “The impressive technical and manufacturing abilities of Fioranese have created a product able to bring out the very best in three different materials, in a single industrial process, bringing a fresh slant to an ancient Japanese technique, and expressing all the poetry inherent in it”. Speaking of prestigious international awards in the world of design, this magnificent collection was also one of the finalists in the Architizer A+Awards. We are truly proud of these splendid results.