Coem: synonymous with sustainable and innovative ceramics

Attention to material and product to reaffirm the importance of the environment

‘Yes, we do’ is not a simple slogan, but represents a strong statement that sums up Ceramiche Coem’s concrete approach towards sustainability and which permeates the business organisation from all points of view: from research and development to technological innovation, to the development of creativity and style, to the creation of products. Every collection is the result of a profound respect for nature, which is not only a source of inspiration, but an integral part of an overall creative vision. For Coem, sustainability is a value that aims at generating beauty, a promise of happiness that is equivalent to a powerful form of energy for going further. Sharing and storytelling underpin everyone’s commitment to give a sense to the present and to construct a better future through a movement of ideas and positive actions. Let’s discover together what it really means to be sustainable, combining nature, creativity and technology, because Coem firmly believes in ‘we design with nature’!

Strategic actions for a new vision of the future.

Carrying out concrete actions with relation to corporate social responsibility implies the establishment of a plan of precise actions that involves and makes everyone participate in the protection of the planet, a result achievable only if challenging social and environmental objectives that have a real impact are pursued. Coem has always associated sustainability with the technical and aesthetic performances of its ceramic surfaces, investing in process innovation, operating responsibly towards society and the environment, safeguarding the health and safety of employees, customers and associates through responsible and transparent behaviour. The sustainability path is so important that it plays an important role also in the new website, launched during the last edition of Cersaie in September 2022.

Our new digital home

Coem’s new website recounts a universe full of inspirations and creativity, in which the collections are the absolute protagonists. Thanks to the new digital space, the company is able to effectively present its business philosophy, exploiting all the possibilities that the web panorama offers. Man, and his relationship with nature, a source of inspiration, and not only, is at the centre of the project. The heart of the site is represented by the collections, with dedicated profiles including catalogues and numerous settings. For designers? They can simply visit the dedicated section where numerous designs and custom solutions are brought together, all at the reach of a click. Lots of details are available in the download area with useful information for professionals and operators in the sector. Finally, the company has wanted to describe what sustainability means for Coem, doing so also through the stories of specific projects. Among the many features, the “sustainable stories” section is particularly interesting and original, in which the company describes its projects on questions of social and environmental sustainability, which have recently involved the company in an active way, through the support of humanitarian bodies and associations, in the development of professional training activities for employees and the updating of protocols regarding work safety. Such as, for example, the “water free from plastic” initiative, aimed at eliminating plastic bottles inside the premises through water dispensers connected to the water supply network. This is an action that has led to concrete results; it is estimated that 40,000 bottles of water have been saved in a year!

Sustainability as an essential value

Understanding what surrounds us, embracing it and transforming it to make it part of our day-to-day life is an important process that belongs to an entrepreneurial vision in which sustainability is a fundamental part of overall strategy. This concrete approach is amply described in the first Sustainability Report drawn up by Coem and published on its new website. All the actions carried out and defined to achieve concrete results in social, economic and, most of all, with regards to the reduction of environmental impact, are set out in its pages; a complex and complete plan, measured through the GRI (Global Report Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standards methodology, which makes it possible to establish current and future priorities on which it is important to work. The report is downloadable from the site and is a pleasant read in order to understand Coem’s world better.

Certifying environmental impact

Certifications are an important step of the path towards greater and real sustainability. In 2022 the company obtained certification, on the part of Certiquality, of the “ISO 17889-1 –2021 Sustainability for ceramic tiles” standard, a new international standard that determines the level of sustainability of ceramic products in the world of construction. This standard analyses the entire life-cycle of the product, of raw materials up to their disposal, also assessing workers’ health and safety parameters. This prestigious recognition confirms Coem’s commitment to carrying forward with determination environmental and social responsibility policies along the entire production process, certifying the excellence of a highly sustainable porcelain stoneware.

From the beauty of the material to the return to nature, the new Coem site is an engaging journey that talks about all aspects of sustainability