Creativity as a key to interpreting modernity

Fioranese celebrates Made in Italy and its elegance

Cersaie 2022 took centre stage from 26 to 30 September in Bologna, an edition extremely rich in new developments that saw over 90,000 visitors, and attentive to the latest themes of modern living, such as our relationship with nature and the importance of sustainability. New collections for coverings, floors and bathroom furnishings were displayed by numerous companies, with over 624 exhibitors, 38% of which were foreign, coming from 26 nations. In this really vibrant context, Ceramica Fioranese presented its new collections with a particularly carefully planned and striking set-up: the common thread of the concept was the strength and originality of Made in Italy with its innate creativity and extreme attention to the product and finishes. Central to Fioranese’s entire research carried out is its collaboration with interior designers who contribute to enriching the vision of the company, proposing always new trends and original interpretations for contemporary living.

Elegance of the settings and the relationship with space.

The concept conceived for the Fioranese stand is particularly striking; the skilful use of light succeeds in highlighting the particular finishes of the new collections, in a dynamic space where the furnishings completed the overall harmonic effect. Here the material dialogues freely with the surroundings, creating exceptional visual homogeneity and a sense of space. Light and shade alternate, bringing out to the full the new proposals offered in many different variations, both for floors and walls, for a result which is both welcoming and extremely modern. Stylistic research has truly managed to offer original solutions for contemporary living suited to all areas of the home and of public spaces.

‘yes we do’

Fioranese sends a very clear message with its ‘yes we do’ claim. ‘Yes we do’ means the commitment to act, to give meaning to the present and to construct a better future, through a mix of ideas and positive actions aimed at achieving objectives and satisfying needs. Sustainability has acquired fundamental importance in this context. Fioranese has responded by developing new surfaces for sustainable living: evolved and ecological porcelain stoneware, the fruit of cutting-edge production processes, is offered in a vast range of collections united by extensive research into a ceramic material developed with respect for the environment. Taking action today is essential for fulfilling concrete commitments.

The essential link between material and nature

Fioranese restores the historic value of the ceramic tradition and the original beauty of natural stones, transforming it into sober and essential environments in which to regain contact with nature and a renewed wellbeing. Inspiration is taken from the Italian and European territories, with a focus on the recovery of ancient ceramic processes reinterpreted with a contemporary vision of spaces in which to place the new Fioranese-brand surfaces, which combine a mix of stylistic ideas between past and present in the name of a new compositional freedom.

Each to his own style

A key feature of the new collections presented at Cersaie was the multitude of material variations, in which new finishes combine with reinterpretations of past trends in an absolutely contemporary approach. The “I Cocci Siciliani” collection, for example, is a stone-effect porcelain stoneware able to cover surfaces with a universal and timeless style. Alternatively, the “Borgogna” collection, which is inspired by a series of limestones, interprets a welcoming stone-effect suitable for both interior and outdoor spaces, thanks, especially, to the three non-uniform shades in the formats and appearance typical of natural stone. The “Unica” collection, instead, lends a precious and shiny onyx effect that highlights its characteristics of depth: the result is an extremely elegant and captivating material, with a decisive character and a UNIQUE spirit. Finally, the “Riggiole” collection, the result of the collaboration with the interior designer Davide Tonelli, which has a very particular graphic effect, has interplays of black and white to decorate walls and floors with always different, new and contemporary compositions.

Design passion

The attention to, and love of, design is the driving force of Fioranese’s activities, a commitment that was rewarded also at Cersaie; the new “Riggiole” collection, in fact, won the first edition of TecnAwards promoted by Acimac (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics) as the “best product of the year”. This award certifies how passion for ceramics is a concrete part of the company’s day-to-day work. The collaboration with designer Davide Tonelli has once more been a source of inspiration for new, original and impactful projects. “Riggiole” will certainly enrich and enhance the settings of those who recognise a real distinctive quality in Italian creativity.