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Reinventing spaces with large format slabs

Large format slabs, definitely an important part of the future of interior design, are increasingly used for the finishes of both commercial and residential environments. This is because many designs search for spatial and visual continuity, always much sought after by the most famous architects, who can now achieve this goal thanks to these large formats. Whether for covering a floor or a wall, maxi stoneware slabs are the ideal solution: large dimensions in small thicknesses.

Surfaces without boundaries

These large slabs permit an aesthetic result which is comparable to a continuous surface. Large-size tiles are widely used for wall coverings, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and also furnishing accessories, as well as in the design of shops and commercial areas. If the small format offers creativity in laying patterns, large slabs are better suited to contemporary interior design projects thanks to their visual homogeneity and indisputable practicality.

Large designs for small environments

There are really numerous possibilities for changing the perception of the dimensions of the spaces we live in. We can, for example, work on volumes for enlarging the spaces of a not very large environment and make it visually larger. Really little is needed sometimes to redesign a space, giving it greater breadth and making it seem more spacious. Incredibly, it’s not necessary to invent amazingly complex design solutions; it is important, however, to carefully reflect on the finishes and furnishings to be introduced. The use of large-format tiles can certainly make it possible to create particular visual depth thanks to the continuity of the material itself.

Really many advantages

Lightness, visual continuity and technical performances are only some of the advantages that can be obtained thanks to large-format porcelain stoneware which has effectively revolutionised the concept of continuous surfaces. With thicknesses of a few millimetres, the slabs can cover large surfaces, opening up new scenarios in the design of modern contemporary spaces. The covering of a surface without cuts creates an elegant visual continuity; in addition, the current collections offer elegant and particular finishes also in large formats. Elegance and style without interruptions!

Maxi tiles in ultra-slim stoneware

Thanks to very reduced thicknesses, the thin tiles in the large format are excellent materials for also covering counters and kitchen or bathroom tops. The possibility of cuts of any shape and dimension makes them perfect for anyone looking for tailor-made furnishing. Perhaps with a kitchen top matched to the chair backs or table. The ease of cleaning, moreover, has increased the success of this material in our kitchens. Stoneware is less porous than a natural stone or a marble, making, therefore, maintenance simple and immediate. Finally, the new technologies make it possible to obtain a resistant and flexible material able to withstand cuts and holes.

Large formats, great style

The choice of floors is a crucial step in creating specific optical effects, giving the idea of broadening spaces. Ceramiche Coem offers various collections that have different characteristics but always permit the use of large formats. WIDEgres240, for example, revises the concept of material, expanding design possibilities, revising the limits of space; it’s a technology that is effectively able to transform and bring out veining, colours and textures, creating perfect visual continuity between walls and floors. Alternatively, thanks to the WIDEgres260 collections, aspects of design and elegance are highlighted, thanks precisely to the combination of the large sizes of the porcelain stoneware slabs with the marble-effect and stone-effect. If, however, you want to opt for the oversize dimensions, you can choose the WIDEgres280 collections that make it possible to use the 120x280cm format with marble, concrete, granite or stone effects to lend a new character to environments. All the WIDEgres collections have a thickness of 6 mm and make it possible to use tiles with different formats: 120×280 cm, 120×260 cm, 120×240 cm and 120×120 cm, in an easy and practical way: high-level performances and extreme resistance without limits of size for contemporary design projects.

Stay tuned!

Coem is looking forward to seeing you again this year at CERSAIE, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings, from 26 to 30 September 2022 to present the new collections for indoor and outdoor floorings and also new large slabs. Come and visit us at PAD.37 – STAND C64-D63.
You can find out all about the new developments, including a collection that offers a new large format for Coem, the 90x180cm, in a particular finish that you can discover with us directly at the stand.