Floral Guru on Instagram: the top five names in floral matters

Poetry and unique details to create original spaces using flowers

From New York to Milan, there are so many names to follow to discover creative bouquets and unique gardens with their aesthetic sense, the new Floral Gurus dictate the rules in matters of style. We have selected the best Floral Artists to find out about their Instagram accounts and to be inspired by their original creations. So here are the new Floral Gurus who, through their creativity, are transforming the world of flowers by looking at them in a way that is increasingly more connected with art.

Petalbypedal: in New York flowers arrive by bicycle

Petal by Pedal is the floral concept store by Kate Gilman inspired by sustainability and was launched in 2014. The bouquets are prepared using flowers cultivated locally to New York that the clients can select directly on the website www.petalbypedal.com based on what is growing in that period. Gilman and her designer, Julio Saenz, create bouquets in glass jars without the use of plastic or boxes. The message cards that accompany these splendid creations are typed using an electric Brother S 4000 typewriter on seeded paper. And so? Customers can plant this piece of paper rather than throwing it away.

Floral bouquets and books straight from England

Writer-gardener Paula Pryke is famous in England also for her 18 books on floral themes. Her bouquets are beautiful, all you need to do is see them to sense their perfume. Paula Pryke uses many different colours to create compositions that create amazement and excitement. The perfect style for weddings: her profile is followed by numerous wedding planners.

A florist and artist, but also an influencer

Nicolette Camille Owen is a true flower-influencer based in Brooklyn, from where she directs a florist school with workshops scattered around the world and a business that covers everything from styling for photographic shoots and all kinds of events to celebrity weddings. It is impossible not to adore her sophisticated taste, with colour combinations and the flowers that transform each place and occasion into a timeless fairy tale.

Flowers are meant to be inspiration for the spirit

An Italian who has obtained Olympian heights is Rosalba Piccinni, the singer-florist with three stores in Milan and Bergamo who researches into the tastes of her customers with a psychologist’s approach. She creates highly unusual compositions, often using unconventional flowers and plants. With this approach, she transforms restaurants, homes, and shops into welcoming and sophisticated environments that reflect the personality of their owners and communicate their love for nature with delicate details that are always unusual and have high impact.

From Japan a flower artist who exhibits in museums

Makoto Azuma, Japanese artist: for years he has used flowers as a starting point for his works of art which he exports around the world and exhibits in art galleries. If you follow his page on instagram you can find out about the dates and sites of his shows. At his vernissage, you may even meet fashion celebrities such as Margherita Missoni and Laura Urbinati. It would be impossible not to be moved, his works touch the soul: they are truly poetic, where the flowers are the central element linking all the creations.

Using flowers for home decoration is without doubt a way to express your personality and passion for nature. However, to create harmony between the areas, it is important to choose floral compositions that match the floors and walls, thus creating special optic effects and continuity between the various interior spaces. Delicate finishings as well as particular patterns can add that touch of extra style to our home, we can even choose tiles patterned with flowers! Like those, for example, that are part of the Painted_Wood from Ceramica Fioranese, that unite the warm effect of wood, in its simplicity and elegance with the delicacy of flowers, creating a unique and special effect.

Now all that is left for you to do is to become a Floral Guru!