Graphic, material and natural textures for dream exteriors

Inspirations and trends that combine design and functionality

One of the main trends in the last few years has been that of choosing collections that can be used both indoors and outdoors: porcelain stoneware collections that manage to combine design and functionality. Coverings for outdoors in particular must really express the character of the material in the best possible way, lending a highly natural feel and with textures that express great personality. The key is always the osmosis between indoor and outdoor.

Indoors and outdoors without borders

Aesthetic continuity between indoors and outdoors is possible thanks to new technologies; the latest-generation coverings permit, in fact, the design of the outdoors as if it were an extension of the indoor environments. We are always looking for design solutions that make it possible to extend spaces, lending environments light and warmth with a sense of continuity with the natural outdoors. Today, more than ever, we wish to live in welcoming spaces in which we can feel free to move and focus our attention on both the interior and the exterior, always respecting the design and with great care given to details, especially in the specific finishings for the outdoors.

Great attention to the outdoor finishings!

External paving lends value to spaces, just like the frame of a valuable painting. Whether simple, embellished, traditional or innovative, they enliven the overall design and transform practicality into elegance. Choosing the material for the external paving, however, is not easy. It’s necessary to take account of practical criteria, as well as aesthetic ones. Balconies and terraces, gardens, paths, roadways and pool edges must be impermeable, anti-slip, resistant to loads and atmospheric agents and must have a low propensity to mould and stains.

2cm stoneware: high-level performance, practicality and functionality

Architects and professionals can make use of a versatile and complete element for creating continuous surfaces between indoors and outdoors. Collections in stoneware for outdoors with a 2 cm thickness are perfectly combinable with a wide range of collections for indoors. 100%-guaranteed safety and design.

Essential and bright patterns: we present the new 2 cm-thick Fioranese collections

Fioranese has been offering for a number of years collections for perfect outdoors aimed at making the finishings the key features of these spaces which have become increasingly important in our daily lives. We can find inspiration and discover all the characteristics that make the new Fioranese collection with 2 cm thickness on the new website dedicated to the “Evolving Dialogues” event: Granum, for example, is a very particular series, available in light and dark grey variants. It’s a collection that has a particularly delicate and bright material effect, making it possible to create well-defined walkways and simple and elegant outdoor spaces, highlighting the outdoor furnishings, lending lots of light and personality thanks to the subtle textures. If, instead, a more graphic effect is preferred, a covering that becomes a furnishing element in its own right, the I Cocci Cenere Spaccato collection, in the outdoors version, is the perfect choice. Maximum freedom can be given to creativity and imagination thanks to the particular designs and colours. If, on the other hand, a more uniform, linear and modern effect is desired, it is possible to opt for the I Cocci Calce e Cenere collection which always, however, extremely striking and elegant.