Holland loves design

Sophisticated and elegant style for a special project

What we have learned about Dutch Design, strolling through the furniture shops and taking a peek into the floating houses in Amsterdam, is that it follows no pre-set logic, but rather encompasses many opposing influences that, over the centuries, have made it different from all the others, starting from the most essential and sombre of the nearby Scandinavians. Today we present you a home with a style, taste and elegance that talks of a delicate and feminine tone, where the accent on the floor finishes adds a special allure to all the spaces.

What is a typical Dutch home like?

To sum up the typical Dutch home, we can use many different adjectives: eclectic, unconventional, surprising, fluid, free, with a sense of humour and a desire to experiment, but also extremely elegant and sophisticated. Homes and apartments with a unique interior design, where the attention to detail, that important designer piece, the Nordic lampshades, are truly a philosophy of style, indeed of life.

The Nordic spirit thrives in this magnificent country

The love of nature, greenery, romantic landscapes, a “zero emissions” life. All these elements help to make the Netherlands a country that knows no hustle and bustle, even though it is happy and brimming with life. Everything flows smoothly, just like the water in the capital’s canals. This Nordic spirit, easy and slow, is also reflected in the interior design and furnishing world. Baroque influences and bright colours are toned down to reach a balance that smells of freshness, style, authenticity and familiar warmth.

Environments without borders

Today’s designers have inherited the love for free, open spaces from the architectural principles of the De Stijl school. What emerges is the fluidity between interiors and exteriors, creating bright, dynamic living spaces, separated only by large windows, like openings onto infinity. But even the most “Scandinavian” of Dutch homes always fluctuates between the typical essentiality of Nordic design. Neutral shades, handmade details, natural wood and a few must-have exotic touches dominate, making everything more intimate and familiar.

A designer with a feminine mood

The styling project for a very special Dutch home was assigned to the creativity of interior designer Lotte Faassen, from Studio de Blieck. The spaces are large, the rooms dialogue freely, and the choice of finishes, like the furniture, is fundamental for creating spaces that are both simple and elegant. Designer Lotte Faassen developed an all-Dutch design, very welcoming with a very sweet feel. The combinations and solutions identified to enrich and enhance the rooms in the home are surprising.

The elegance of attention to detail

The Dutch designer created a project with elegant, luxurious tones, comfortable and bright with clearly feminine glamour. A dream interior that blends with the lifestyle, desires and personality of the people who live there. In line with this concept, the floor coverings are in marble-effect porcelain stoneware from the WIDEgres280 Marmi Effect collection, colour Venato Caramel by Ceramiche Coem. Delicate shades and textured finishes dialogue silently with the space, enhancing the designer furnishings. WIDEgres is the name of the Coem slabs, here in size 120×280 cm and thickness 6 mm.

Matter as a dimension of space

The WIDEgres280 collections help to rethink matter on a larger scale. Coem, which dialogues continuously with the stars of the architecture world, redevelops the concepts of space and dimension, embodied in a new large-sized ceramic representation. No longer limited by the usual sizes, the material becomes larger, bringing life to new and far-reaching designs. Quality and technology blend with aesthetic and design research to bring life to simple, textured collections with a natural mood. With these collections, the perceived dimension of spaces changes, rooms live in continuity with each other, breaking down all visual limits and traditional concepts of interior design to bring life to a new living philosophy.