2022 trends: all you need to know

Modern, technological convivial spaces

Here are the trends to note in your 2022 agenda for kitchen projects! Lots of ideas that come directly from the Salone del Mobile in June.
The kitchen is crowned as the queen of the home, a space to which designers pay close attention, designing it in detail and making it even more beautiful, functional and in step with the times. What are the kitchen trends for 2022? Let’s find out together.

Colour, colour, colour!

One of the most high-impact trends is certainly the return of colour, the full tones of the ’60s or the shaded nuances of the ’70s; the 2022 kitchen dresses once more in shaded and almost desaturated colours; so no longer only white, black or grey, but playing with colour combinations in the kitchen to make it the star of the home. But Pantone colours are also the stars this year, Very Peri is a shade that comes from the marriage of blue and red, bringing life to a periwinkle blue with a red undertone, used to colour the kitchen with an authentic touch of happiness.

The kitchen: a space to live in

One of the most important trends concerns the composition of the kitchen, where the multi-functional use of space is fundamental. Today the kitchen has become a space not only to eat in, but where we read, work, grow plants… so make way for wine-cellar compartments, home office corners, domestic greenhouses, laundry columns. And the furnishing materials? A strong trend is the soft-touch finish with a velvety feel, the metallic look, created with special enamels or actual metals, or again, tactile textures with relief decorations, as well as more scenic surfaces with highlighted grains. You’ll certainly not be short on ideas and inspiration!

Minimal and tech spaces

And for those who prefer minimal and functional spaces, the recommendation for furniture is a few, efficient and elegantly arranged pieces. Free compositions and informal kitchenette spaces are used very much. The hi-tech style is particularly popular, with its geometric forms, many light sources and latest-generation appliances that offer high energy savings. And remember, sustainability begins at home. The preference for natural materials (like wood), ecological paints and recycled furniture is linked to a sustainable life philosophy.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

Today, the kitchen is one of the fundamental spaces in any home, used from many functions that go beyond mere lunch or dinner. It is important to carefully choose not only the furnishings but also the wall and floor coverings. Ceramica Fioranese offers collections that represent the company’s creative and innovative spirit. Different styles and colours interpret different interior design worlds. If you love the stone effect, for example, you may choose the GRANUM collection, inspired by two Brazilian granites, the characteristic blue of Azul Bahia and the deep black of Via Lattea, both crossed by medium-small white grains; a porcelain stoneware with a high scenic impact and a sophisticated appearance. And if you’re looking for something really original, the KINTSUGI 20 collection is perfect, shiny decorative elements in size 20×20cm that repropose an eclectic world of artistic and material inspiration. And if on the other hand you prefer a more minimal and elegant style, why not choose the MARMOREA collection, a marble-effect porcelain stoneware which, following in-depth research into matter and design, brings life to surfaces with great depth and luminosity.
And finally, if you’re looking for a concrete-effect for your dream kitchen, why not opt for the DOT collection, a porcelain stoneware that will make any space a small interior design masterpiece.
It is really impossible to talk of all the collections that are perfect for the kitchen dimension. Come into the Fioranese world and find out how to make your new kitchen perfect.