How to decorate the garden at Christmas: ideas for creating just the right atmosphere

Indoor and outdoor spaces for living the most magical period of the year with joy

Christmas is coming, and many of us are busy deciding how to decorate and dress the home for the festivities. Those fortunate to have a winter garden or also an outdoor space can go to town with lights and decorations of every kind to create a really special atmosphere. The tradition of decorating the home for Christmas has ancient roots. Today there’s a practically infinite array of decorating possibilities. So, we have the green light for Christmas trees, of course, but also garlands, lights for exteriors and interiors and wreaths of branches and wooden stars. Today we’ll find out about four ideas for decorating our indoor or outdoor garden at Christmas and for enjoying the festivities!

Let’s start with vases

If you have vases in front of the house or on windowsills, you can have fun decorating them in a thousand different ways. For a start, fill all your containers with Christmas balls and decorations that reflect the light in infinite shining flashes. Ideally, the vases of plants which are already decorative in themselves and well suited to the season should be filled: poinsettias, first of all, and then dwarf firs, small evergreen bushes, holly, heather and hellebore. Ribbons and bows tied around the vases will create an elegant Christmassy setting. Use gold, silver, red and blue to paint them all over or to design small decorations, snowflakes and stars. You will see what an atmosphere is created!

Wood as decoration

Wood is a wonderful versatile material, warm and suitable for making really beautiful Christmas decorations for indoors and outdoors, also without having to be particular skilled. You can decorate trunks with the face of Father Christmas, reindeer carved in wood, but also just “slices” of small logs tied together in rows with red ribbons or painted. Put tree branches around the house decorated with balls and ribbons, keeping their natural colour or colouring them white to obtain a touch of extra elegance.

Lanterns: the magic of light

Lanterns are also perfect for decorating our winter garden and, more generally, outdoor spaces. They can be put in various places to create a romantic and welcoming atmosphere. There are lanterns for all tastes and settings: modern, made with metal with simple or geometric shapes, those with a “country” taste with decorative stars and natural elements, more rustic ones made of iron, or romantic Christmas lanterns in wood with a pickled finish.
All you have to do now is choose which you like best and light them up to illuminate your Christmas.

Decorating trees to feel like children again

The classic traditional solution of decorating trees is still today one of the most popular ideas. You just need a few appropriate lights and decorations to lend our winter garden or outdoor space a perfect Christmas look. Use snow effect paint on the leaves to give the idea of a white Christmas, so magic and longed for that it has become a must. Threads of coloured lights, possibly also flashing, will create still more magic… and they will be there to welcome you whenever you come back home!

Live the outdoors with the right finishes

To make the most of our winter gardens and outdoor areas, it’s essential to choose the right finishes for our spaces. Besides needing to have the fundamental technical characteristics for outdoors, the collection that we choose must reflect our personality and enhance our outdoor space or winter garden. Ceramiche Coem has several perfect collections for these uses ideal for exteriors, and not only. The Madre Natura collection in stone-effect stoneware has been inspired by a Portuguese Limestone that expresses elegance, harmony, sobriety, warmth and a deep sense of hospitality. Delicate nuances and soft colours help to create welcoming spaces all year round… not only at Christmas. If you prefer a more contemporary mood, Pannonia Stone is a collection that lends an urban setting the fascination of the rocks of the Austrian stone of the same name, adapting its characteristics in a contemporary style. A special palette ranges from Ivory to Anthracite, ideal for decorating our outdoors with a modern taste. Tuffeau, instead, has an effect of natural stone in all its beauty and, thanks to its elegance, will light up our winter gardens as if we were in a castle in the Loire. And then there’s Bali which, thanks to the bold and irregular graphics, reinterprets Indonesian slate dense with matter. It’s a collection that furnishes our outdoor spaces with character. Finally, the elegant and brilliant Borgogna collection in gresX2 (2cm thickness) is ideal for furnishing our outdoor spaces in safety: 100% Made in Italy technology and beauty.
Choose the collection most suited to your own interpretation of outdoor spaces and winter gardens.