Davide Tonelli presents Nostalgia

Material and graphic effect for a collection in which the past engages with the future

Davide Tonelli presents “Nostalgia”, his latest collaboration with Ceramiche Coem: a highly distinctive collection that attracted particular interest at Cersaie a few weeks ago. We decided to interview the designer to find out more about where the project came from, and the inspiration that shaped such a unique, technologically advanced collection, able to bring a contemporary slant to a mix of several materials in order to obtain extremely original, graphic effects to help us light up our living spaces

LifeTiles: Nostalgia is a collection with a retro flavour, yet with a highly original twist. Where did the inspiration come from?

Davide Tonelli: The inspiration came from a reflection on interior design trends for the next two years, in which we expect “terrazzo” to continue to play a predominant role, since its versatile, adaptable nature makes it suitable for any style, both indoors and outdoors.

LifeTiles: What does the word Nostalgia mean to you, and what made you choose this name for the collection?

LifeTiles: What does the word Nostalgia mean to you, and what made you choose this name for the collection?

LifeTiles: What are the signature elements of this collection? The colour palette used is very delicate: is this to emphasise the effect of the light?

Davide Tonelli: Our personal interpretation, with a contemporary slant, is based above all on the choice of the colour palette, which allows for a wide variety of combinations: from neutral to earthy shades, choosing original compositions and pairings characterised by a mix of fragments of varying, entirely random sizes that give the collection a more contemporary graphic appearance than traditional terrazzo flooring. The material effect also plays an important role in this collection in unglazed porcelain stoneware: the different coloured fragments of clay are marginally thicker than the coloured base, which brings depth and character to the product.

LifeTiles: The collection can be used on both floors and walls. What advantages does this bring?

Davide Tonelli: Because this is an unglazed stoneware, it’s a product with intrinsically superior characteristics in terms of slip resistance and resistance to shock and abrasions. These are important features that also make it suitable for use in busy commercial environments.

LifeTiles: This collection brings a warm, inviting light to living spaces. What kind of areas is it most suitable for?

Davide Tonelli: “Given its versatility, which makes it much more than just a floor covering, it really is a timeless trend, so terrazzo is easy to imagine in any room and in any location. Thanks to the range of slightly desaturated pastel colours, the collection is also ideal for creating soft contrasts, alternating with other ceramic and non-ceramic surfaces, making for striking settings and bringing a stylish touch to floors, walls, tables and kitchen worktops, maintaining the superior technical characteristics of ceramics. “
Thanks to Davide Tonelli for taking the time to talk to us…and above all, for creating such a special collection. To find out all about Nostalgia