How to organise a “wow” Christmas event

Let’s make the most magical festival of the year sustainable

Would you like to organise an event which is Christmassy and sustainable at the same time, but you don’t know what to do? We’d like to give you some tips that will help you to organise a truly unforgettable party! We are today all aware of the waste we produce every day. Even more so, in this holiday period, activities that seem “normal” and steeped in tradition have an extremely negative impact on the environment. Spending an ecological Christmas is possible with a bit of attention and without losing the style or warmth that we want for one of the most magical times of the year. Let’s begin, then, with organising in good time, so as not to end up doing everything at the last moment; it’s possible to really reduce waste by arranging each activity well. The watchwords are, therefore: joy, organisation and a touch of magic.

Setting up the table in an ecological way

We all know that the table is in many ways the centre of attention at any party. What is more, who doesn’t like delighting their guests with delicacies to drink and eat? If we have few guests and we are hosting them in our home, choosing glass tableware can be a solution. If, instead, we have a lot of guests, we have, luckily, wonderful sets of plates, glasses and cutlery made of natural materials with low environmental impact available; we can find them in fantastic colours and with particular shapes. It’ also possible to buy them easily online, because organising a green party certainly doesn’t mean ignoring aesthetics!

A green Christmas centrepiece

After the Christmas tree, another big star of parties and especially of the set table is the centrepiece. The Christmas decoration par excellence, chic and elegant in their classic beauty, they are a must for Christmas lunches and dinners. To decorate a table with a green centrepiece, we suggest two striking and absolutely ecological ideas which are easy to make. The first is the classic Advent wreath, with fir branches and real beeswax candles, possibly red or golden. The second, instead, is Santa Bread, which is as easy to prepare as it is good to eat. Wreaths are an important symbol of Christmas and as a party centrepiece with natural elements they are the perfect choice for those wishing to warm up the atmosphere and the table. To add even further to the atmosphere, the centrepiece can contain many small candles to light during the Christmas Eve dinner.

DIY Christmas place cards

Let’s adorn the table with decorations that will leave everyone speechless; in particular, Christmas place cards are like little doors that open the heart of each guest, welcoming affection and creating a bond that makes every moment spent together unforgettable. You can make fantastic place cards using a Christmas ball, filling it with little stars and then putting on a label with the name of the guest, or making a photo stand on which to put a photo of yourself with the guest to remember good moments spent together. Finally, mythical tasty initial-biscuits, made with letter-shape cutters; a truly sweet thought to pamper our guests!

Add a place at the table

Everyone around the table to spend some time together, but also to eat exquisite dishes and sweet delights. Be careful, however, because we need to act responsibly also with regards to the Christmas menu. The first thing to which to pay attention is the shopping; we shouldn’t exaggerate because this could imply senseless waste. The advice is to plan the menu exactly in advance, bearing in mind both the recipes and the number of guests, so as to calibrate the right quantities that you know people will be able to eat. Prefer organic, local and seasonal products. Avoid fashions and unsustainable food choices, such as the consumption of exotic fruit, for example, pineapple, dates, avocado and papaya; we advise, therefore, choosing local products to avoid long polluting journeys from distant countries. Try to also reduce the consumption of meat and derivatives the production of which implies a high emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. If you choose to eat fish, avoid buying unsustainable fish products like tuna, but instead opt for dishes from our local tradition.

Opening up our homes to friends

Christmas means home, and it’s precisely there that we love to welcome our dearest friends. Right from when we start designing our spaces and we choose the furnishings that will embellish the walls and floors, we can imagine what it will be like to spend Christmas with our family and friends in welcoming environments that reflect our personalities.
Fioranese offers various collections that can inspire our projects. Some examples? The ŌGI collection, for example, combines concrete with the majesty of majolica, creating a fascinating contrast between an industrial material and shininess, besides the precious decoration with macro geometric patterns of the glazed ceramic, which tells stories of craftsmanship and history. It has an extremely shiny and elegant finish that will make our spaces even brighter and our Christmases even more special. Alternatively, if we want a touch of red, we can opt for the SENZATEMPO collection, which offers a travertine effect that enchants for its thousand-year history and its aesthetic impact. It’s a material with a timeless charm, witness of past eras together austere, majestic and elegant, tracing an indelible link between art and architecture. Thanks to the Rosso Persia version, SENZATEMPO will make every day a bit more colourful, and every Christmas a bit more magical.