Interior style: the ‘Minimal Trend’ furnishing style

Elegant, textured and versatile design….this is our 2023

A minimalist design that enhances the material-like effect and is inspired by the colours of nature is certainly an established trend that will also strongly mark 2023. This style is perfect for those who want to create a welcoming yet sophisticated living environment. The style of the furnishings also matches this trend and features linear and regular shapes with colours ranging from white to black and natural wood. Therefore, the keyword in the choice of individual components becomes “simplicity”, which will translate into an interior design with a strong contemporary character. Essential and elegant, dynamic and at the same time sophisticated, the refined lines of the ‘Minimal Trend’ are truly perfect for lovers of modern style. Thus, floor and wall finishes become minimalist and instil peace and tranquillity. Let’s find out how this trend can give harmony and light to the different rooms in our home.

How to achieve a minimalist-style home

The watchword for a minimalist home is consistency: especially when dealing with small spaces, it’s a good idea to follow the same approach for all rooms, ensuring that the furnishings are in harmony with each other. If the décor is stripped to the bone, it is important that the minimalist materials are of high quality and as natural as possible. Achieving a coherent visual effect is easier if only a few material elements are chosen to match. In a minimal environment, the focus is on a few but fundamental details, which must be functional both for the aesthetics of the home and for everyday life.

Light is always the focal point

A fundamental component of the minimalist style is light: this style requires a home brightly lit with natural light, with no dark corners that reduce the perception of spaces. This is why the ideal colours of the minimalist style are light, neutral shades. We must also consider that the quality of natural light is not always constant; it varies throughout the day and during the different seasons of the year. These changes will influence the perception of the colour we choose for the walls. For example, in rooms with a northern exposure, the light will always tend towards cooler tones, so it’s best to avoid colours that have cool undertones, tending towards green or grey. We could therefore opt for colours with warm tones, perhaps lighter shades, so as to attract as much light as possible. On the other hand, for south-facing rooms, there are no problems with light since the light coming through the windows will have a warm tone during all hours of the day, making it much easier to choose the colours. We can play with light, pastel tones to make the most of the natural light and make the room even brighter.

Let’s enter the living area

What could be more minimalist than the stone effect and its essential sober features? In the stylistic value of the accompanying shades of grey and in the many effects that can be achieved in porcelain stoneware using modern digital techniques, capable of adding a unique elegance to interiors? The living area becomes extremely contemporary with stone-effect collections such as Coem’s Moon Stone. The character and boldness that emerge from these tiles add a simple elegance to the environment. Moon Stone draws inspiration from Brazilian quartzite, following the graphic characteristics of the original material and adding personality and versatility to the surfaces. Moon Stone adds character to interior floors and walls, giving the space a natural yet modern and fascinating look.

Kitchen: welcoming and bright

The kitchen has always been the place where we love to spend time with family and friends. The minimalist style in this room allows us to make the spaces more welcoming. For example, choosing porcelain stoneware collections in warm tones, such as Coem’s Touch Stone, will enable us to build joyful and intimate environments. This collection offers a new elegant and sober travertine effect that will brighten up our rooms dedicated to conviviality. Or you can opt for Touch Stone Vein, an elegant and refined stone-effect porcelain stoneware, also inspired by travertine, which reproduces the cut on the reverse side of the slabs in the colours White, Gold, Grey and Brown.

Think green!

Coem offers many collections that perfectly interpret the minimalist style, capable of enhancing the beauty of nature. All the Coem collections make it possible to introduce the material effect into our environments and truly bring nature into our homes. This is all thanks to the decorations created, the always balanced and elegant warm and cold tones that enhance the many different finishes available. When extolling and respecting the beauty of nature, the company did not stop at the creative process but carried out a complete plan of productive and non-productive actions aimed at creating a truly sustainable industrial project. A complex and complete story that we can also relive and appreciate by reading the sustainability report directly from the company’s website, which speaks directly to all stakeholders, describing Coem’s constant and deep commitment to protecting nature and people through a plan full of effective and measurable activities.