Italian Landscape lights up Bologna

Video mapping in a courtyard for Cersaie 2023

Visiting Cersaie and especially the side events at the show means also living different and engaging experiences that manage every time to amaze interior designers, architects and the many visitors. Ceramica Fioranese organised a very special event precisely for this edition, which thrilled and amazed the numerous people who were able to discover a very particular collection in an absolutely unique way and in a truly exclusive setting. The designers from 23Bassi, the creative minds and creators of ITALIAN LANDSCAPE, have shared with us their vision of this “performance”. The truly spectacular and emotional event was set up during Cersaie 2023, a unique experience that made it possible to connect the city of Bologna, rich in history and art, with a collection that seeks to celebrate Italian artistic and cultural heritage to the fullest.

A truly valuable collaboration

Fioranese chose to collaborate with the 23Bassi architecture studio, appreciating the style and attention to artistic and cultural aspects in their work. 23Bassi, the brainchild of Chiara Frigerio Andrea Roscini, is an architecture studio, an authentic idea factory that combines design creativity and experimentation, with its headquarters in Milan. According to their work method, a home is a canvass for the unique and personal story of whoever lives there. It’s a temple of modern wellbeing, a reflection of the dwellers’ emotions to be transmitted to the outside world through informed design choices, achievable thanks to important partnerships with established and broad-minded companies. We can, therefore, say that two well-established professional and productive organisations have combined their relative expertise synergically with ITALIAN LANDSCAPE, in a broad and complex collaboration that equates the tile with an authentic design product, on a par with a piece of furniture in its aesthetic and formal quality, perfectly in tune with the aspirations and needs of the moment.

Loving Italy

ITALIAN LANDSCAPE, the new collection designed by 23Bassi for Ceramica Fioranese, summarises the beauty of the Italian architectural, historical and landscape heritage.
We asked 23Bassi to describe to us the emotions they felt during the event dedicated to Italian Landscape in Bologna. Here is what they told us exclusively for our readers.
23Bassi:. Italian Landscape is first and foremost an act of love. Love for Italian beauties, for the splendid landscapes around us and for the incredible variety of the Italian architectural heritage. Often, living in our country, we are so surrounded by beauty that it’s difficult to appreciate the details that compose it and shape it in our eyes. In this sense, Italian Landscape is also a collection that invites reflection on the value of the country around us and on how this directs our own perception of the world.

L’Aquila, Siena, Florence

The first cities that were chosen to represent the variety of Italian architectural and natural landscapes are all situated in the centre of Italy, our country’s heart. The gorges of Aielli Celano, in Abruzzo, near the city of L’Aquila, were the starting point for synthesizing in an abstract decoration the marked difference between light and shadow that welcomes the visitor as they walk through the narrow opening between the rocks. The graphic design is an initial matrix that can be composed in infinite ways to recreate more complex designs. The floor of the Siena cathedral, defined by Vasari as «…the most beautiful and the largest and most magnificent floor that was ever made…» is an extraordinary work, created through marble inlays over 5 centuries and is one of the most important decorative examples of Italy’s architectural heritage. The strength of the decoration, reinterpreted by the pattern of bands framing the figurative inlays, lies in its geometric quality. It’s possible, in fact, to reuse the single decoration as a matrix for recomposing larger and more complex designs that evoke the macro decorations of the past but which are reinterpreted according to an exquisitely contemporary chromatic reading and language. The detail of the facade of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florance makes it possible to recreate a pair of decorations with different and contrasting geometric shapes, square-based and curved-based, which together form the synthesis of an arched motif which is ever-present in the decorative world of the Tuscan artistic heritage.

Video mapping in a courtyard

Moving people with the discovery of the beauty of the Italian architectural and landscape heritage must inevitably involve a real “experience” that Fioranese offered its customers and visitors during Cersaie 2023. In the splendid setting of Palazzo Aldovrandi in Bologna, one of the most beautiful and fascinating palaces in the city, the evenings organized in concomitance with Cersaie were an opportunity to appreciate Italian beauty. Authentic animations that played with the modularity and colour of Italian Landscape were projected in one of the palace’s most intimate courtyards, making them rise from the architecture of the building itself, which was dematerialized and reconstructed pixel by pixel, giving a completely new interpretation to the product. The ceramic material becomes dynamic, and constructs its own image, breaking down and recomposing complex textures and designs on the historic surface of a building. The “abstract” visual experience was completed by a “material” part of the set-up, which gave the right value to the historicity of the decorations and the place in which they were located, composed of pure volumes that filled the space of the vaulted rooms of the palace. The smaller volumes, constructed by the decorations, transformed into archetypal furnishings, elements of the exhibition but also elements of the experience, real tables and seats that could be used to enjoy the immersive installation or enjoy a food themed experience, obviously linked to the three Italian cities.

Innovating through design

It’s possible to discover all the characteristics of Italian Landscape; let yourself be moved and consider how to insert this collection, which talks of art and culture, in designs that are able to enhance our spaces and make them truly unique. Florence, L’Aquila and Siena: their colours and landscapes are reinterpreted by this collection thanks to new matrix-based combinations, unusual colours and designs with an absolutely contemporary feel. Frames and combinations of graphics that will allow us to personalize and make our environments truly spectacular. A collection that celebrates the beauty of Italy, its monuments and landscapes and brings them into our homes with grace and refined taste.
Visit the social channel and the Fioranese site to let yourself be inspired by Italian Landscape and you can also relive the emotions of Cersaie here.