Crystal: timeless elegance

Brand-new reflections for new exclusive projects

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware has undoubtedly become one of the prominent trends in interior design. It is inspired by natural materials that captivate us with their ability to tell the tale of their origin and the process that has shaped them over millions of years through variations in colour and veining, making each variety unique. The stone-effect tiles showcased at Cersaie 2023 not only aim to accurately replicate the original material but also to reintroduce increasingly rare types of materials. This has been made possible through cutting-edge technologies in porcelain stoneware production, which allow the recreation of what takes nature thousands of years to create. Coem has always produced collections inspired by nature, presenting stone effects that are both surprising and elegant in their simplicity. The CRYSTAL collection, unveiled at Cersaie 2023, perfectly embodies these qualities.

The irresistible charm of the stone effect

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles know how to perfectly interpret the timeless beauty of natural stone in a contemporary key, creating elegant and refined environments. CRYSTAL makes it possible to personalise interiors with a collection inspired by the beauty and elegance of Tiffany quartz – a Brazilian stone renowned for its vibrant blue and green hues adorned with gold and white veins. This collection introduces a new interpretation of light and is suitable for any room in your home. The stone-effect stoneware featured in the CRYSTAL collection stands out for its stunning realism, intricate patterns and wide range of colours.

Continuous surfaces that add a new dimension to spaces

CRYSTAL has the ability to enhance any environment, offering a variety of surface finishes to fully personalise and customise any space. This collection allows you to choose from unpolished, half-polished or mirror-polished finishes. In particular, the unpolished finish brings out the beauty and texture of stone, highlighting its natural veining and giving an authentic look to any space. The half-polished surface adds a refined touch of elegance to spaces, infusing them with luminosity. It creates a seamless transition between glossy and matte finishes, producing an atmosphere that is brilliantly radiant. Lastly, the mirror-polished finish elevates the visual and colour depth on smooth surfaces, intensifying the shine of stone and generating unique plays of light. There are so many options available to help you bring your dream home to life.

Beauty in natural shades

CRYSTAL offers a choice of four nature-inspired colours, each imbued with a textured and incredibly luminous effect: Alabaster, Graceful Greige, Silver Horizon and Wintergreen. The diverse range of colours available in this collection makes it an ideal choice for enhancing living spaces and creating unique interior design projects. Alabaster is a timeless and traditional option that gives rooms a bright, clean look. This neutral shade effortlessly blends with any décor, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and sophisticated, yet wonderfully cosy. Graceful Greige is an inviting, enveloping and versatile colour that offers a natural touch to spaces. It goes well with natural materials like wood, evoking a relaxing and harmonious ambience. If you are looking for a particularly contemporary colour, then Silver Horizon is the perfect choice. This neutral shade gives rooms an elegant and sophisticated look, complementing minimalist or industrial styles to create refined and trendy environments. Lastly, Wintergreen is a fresh, bold and vibrant shade of green that infuses spaces with a sense of naturalness and vitality. Ideal for those who want a relaxing and revitalising atmosphere, this shade is especially fitting for spaces dedicated to well-being and serenity, adding a vibrant and appealing touch.

The shape of beauty

To make rooms truly unique, CRYSTAL offers architects and interior designers a selection of four different sizes and two mosaic compositions. Choosing Crystal means choosing a high-quality and stylish material that adds a touch of luxury and beauty to any space. Its versatility and distinctive features make it an excellent choice for creating elegant and sophisticated settings that stand out for their authenticity and sophistication. The resistance and durability of Coem’s porcelain stoneware ensure exceptional quality and easy maintenance.
Choosing Crystal means transforming environments into masterpieces of design.