Living in the winter mood

How to give our home a “cozy” style

There’s no better time than the winter season to rethink our spaces and make them truly “welcoming”; there’s no period like this one for spending time in our favourite surroundings. In these cold months, once we’ve put the Christmas decorations away, still feeling the desire for warmth and intimacy, just a few steps are needed to turn our spaces into the home of our dreams. There’s certainly no need to transform the apartment into an unlikely mountain hut! A warm atmosphere is created by the use of colours, materials and objects that are associated with the idea of a welcoming place which fits in, nevertheless, with the overall interior and furnishings. Here we’ll give you some useful tips on how to give your home a cozy style. It’s a very modern furnishing trend that seeks to reveal and make more explicit a way of life made up of tenderness, hugs and small gestures that make home comforts even more enjoyable. Let’s see together how to achieve this mood.

A unique palette

The colours in the cozy style are essentially soft: the aim is to create a colour harmony throughout the home using neutral shades and pastel tints, also in the bed linen, such as cream, sand, dove-grey, light grey, powder pink, light blue and sage green. Warm colour accents are added from season to season, such as orange, forest green and mustard. If you want a pattern, you can opt for tartan, the really classic one for winter months.

Let’s start by choosing the right fabrics

Choosing the right fabrics is a first step in creating a cozy style for our environments. A woollen blanket or cushions can be very comfortable if you feel cold watching the television, but they also have an aesthetic value! If we want, we can put a blanket on the arm or back of plain-coloured armchairs or sofas to make the room immediately more welcoming. If you like a glamour effect, you can dare with animal prints, for example. Finally, rugs are essential elements for furnishing the home in this season. Even if placed in rooms with minimal furnishings, rugs will give you a great scenic effect, besides being very useful for being able to walk in bare feet also on the coldest days.

The importance of the lighting

Soft lights are ideal for relaxing and comfortable environments, and can emphasize the intimacy and serenity of our surroundings. Spot lighting can be added in the living room and one or two floor lamps can be used for a more precise lighting; those that radiate a warm light are perfect. One idea could be that of putting a woven chandelier above the dining table, perhaps with green leaves to bring a touch of nature into the home. Pastel-coloured perfumed candles, lanterns and garlands could also be put on shelves and racks. Natural light, however, is also very important; in this case, it’s possible to use double curtains in thick fabrics such as velvet or lighter ones in linen, better still if several layers are overlapping so as to have pleasant and enveloping light.

Finally, home!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a total white environment or one with wooden details. What makes every area of the home welcoming are the particular features. The fireplace, for example, is an excellent element for naturally recreating a welcoming atmosphere, even more if accompanied by rugs, cushions and small exposed trunks. But what makes our home truly cozy are the wall and floor coverings, which form the setting of our spaces. Fioranese has numerous collections which are ideal for lending a cozy style to our environments, such as Ōgi, which makes it possible to use very particular effects, giving refinement, elegance and light. In the Ōgi series, Fioranese has combined concrete with the majesty of Majolica, creating a fascinating contrast between an industrial material and brilliance, besides the sophisticated decoration with macro geometric patterns of glazed ceramics, which tells stories of craftsmanship and history. Concrete-effect tiles in 3 shades of grey and 3 warm earthy tones mix harmoniously with the brilliance of the Majolica and the liveliness of macro geometric patterns. This rich range of colours offers the opportunity to create particular unconventional, but also extremely warm and welcoming spaces, in which the strength of concrete and the refinement of ceramics come together in a fascinating balance.