Pamper yourself in a spa

Winter can also be really special

Hands up all those who would gladly treat themselves to a few hours’ break in a spa to fight the cold of winter days a little. Hot water that relaxes the muscles, a massage able to put every thought on hold, and a wonderful herbal tea could be just the right ingredients for taking some relaxing time out. Carving out a few hours for yourself is essential; that’s why you could decide to organise a weekend with family and friends to take a break from daily life and go to a centre specializing in treatments or to a hotel equipped with a wellness centre. There are many different services that spas can offer today in order to make our special moments unforgettable. The important thing is to choose well-equipped structures with areas also designed taking hygiene and safety aspects into consideration …obviously without forgetting the more aesthetic aspects!

Equilibrium and design

A spa should not only be beautiful, but also be really functional in order to make your experience smooth and comfortable. The beauty of the design of the spa should transmit a sense of refinement and elegance, incorporating also elements that connect you with nature, so as to guarantee everything necessary for your “sensorial journey”, from changing environments, to treatment rooms, relaxation areas and bathrooms. The layout should be intuitive, spacious and accessible, seamlessly guiding you through the different phases of your experience dedicated to physical, but also mental, wellbeing.

Embracing wellbeing technology

The pandemic made us more aware of our health and our wellbeing, and we are keen to try new ways to improve our lifestyle. This is why wellbeing technology is becoming increasingly popular in experiences linked to the relaxation context, especially in spas. Heated loungers, for example, can be very pleasant for resting on, while areas dedicated to cryotherapy, with cold treatment, focus on specific areas of the body, providing a new physical and energetic experience. The areas dedicated exclusively to meditation offer a relaxing remedy to stress, sometimes offering truly unique olfactory or sound experiences, absolutely worth trying.

Immersive wellbeing

Another trend gaining in popularity is the immersive spa concept: wellbeing centres that offer multisensory experiences that transport you to different environments, sometimes even far away. These spas incorporate floor-to-ceiling visuals, ambient sounds and corresponding scents to increase overall wellbeing depending on the treatment being done. Imagine enjoying the sounds and colours of nature and images of a tranquil morning on the beach during a yoga lesson, or being transported to the tranquillity of a lush forest during a massage session. What more could you ask for to properly relax?

Why choose porcelain stoneware for a spa

Fundamental for the look, but also for the hygiene and safety quality of the spa, is choosing the right finishes for the floors and walls. The ideal product for the spaces dedicated to wellbeing is without doubt porcelain stoneware. Why? Stoneware is, very simply, a natural and safe material that doesn’t release harmful substances; it’s sustainable, it doesn’t burn, and is resistant and long-lasting. It’s also hypoallergenic, it has no smell and doesn’t retain dirt or bacteria. But most of all, because the ceramic material is versatile and available in an infinite variety of formats and finishes. A ceramic floor lasts over time, does not deform, is resistant to humidity and the most aggressive chemical agents, and is sustainable!

The right setting for a spa

From the sauna to the hydromassage, and for heated swimming pools and emotional showers: there are many and different spaces that make up the most beautiful spas today. To create safe environments, it’s essential to choose finishes for walls and floors suitable for the type of use, obviously without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect.
Coem has many collections that can be used for creating the perfect spa with a modern and welcoming feel. Collections that are absolutely performing from a technical point of view, but also with a particular and material look, graphic and compositional effects that speak the wonderful language of nature. For example, the Dualmood Stone collection brings out the material stone effect, highlighting and emanating the intrinsic elegance of natural veins. Alternatively, you can opt for Habita which offers a modern interpretation of wood in porcelain stoneware in its most sophisticated and elegant guises, able to make environments warm and welcoming. Kavastone, instead, proposes a slate of Greek origin, which has always been used principally for external floorings of every type, guaranteeing high resistance to wear, humidity and external agents. If you are looking for a more contemporary effect, you can choose Massive Stone, which has modern graphics, elegant in their simplicity. It’s possible to give more character to the area dedicated to the spa, thanks to Soap Stone, which allows you to use a very graphic and impactful collection. If, instead, you would like an extremely fascinating marble effect of travertine inspiration, the choice can only be Touch Stone, with a truly special finish that features expressive veins with warm and bright nuances, able to illuminate environments and create particularly airy spaces.