Magical spaces surrounded by greenery

Special times spent by the pool with friends

The beach is always a great destination, but the swimming pool is an authentic paradise for those who love relaxing without sand that needs to be brushed away constantly from every part of the body, and saving hours of travel by car or train. The pool is an extremely comfortable and enjoyable spot where you can savour a drink with your feet in the water and chat calmly with friends. Most of all, it’s an ideal place for spending time enjoying the natural surroundings. It’s necessary, therefore, to choose with care the greenery and finishes with which to “furnish” our swimming pool.

Relaxing greenery

It’s well-known that a well-designed swimming pool is not only aesthetically beautiful and functional, but blends in with the surrounding context: the flooring, but also the lawn, hedges and the garden in general need to be chosen with care, in order to always guarantee a perfect balance between style and practicality. The plants arranged around the pool enrich and decorate the area for relaxation, offering us also zones of shade on the hottest days; it’s also important, however, to remember that they require a bit of extra maintenance: trees lose their foliage, flowers produce pollen and attract insects… it’s a good idea, therefore, to be properly informed before choosing the perfect greenery for your outdoors!

Exposure to the light

Consideration of the light available is crucial in choosing the greenery. Many plant species cannot withstand the summer heat, and so they could quickly perish if exposed to the sun all day. It’s always best to choose plants that react well to both total exposure to the sun and dryness during the hottest months: climbing plants and also small bushes such as plumbago (or blue jasmine) and hibiscus are perfect. Lavender is also very popular: besides being resistant and beautiful to look at, it emits a very pleasant fragrance.

Be careful of the roots!

Surrounding our swimming pool with greenery and perhaps a number of trees can seem perfect, but we must always bear in mind possible future problems when designing the spaces available to us. If a plant extends too far underground, there’s the risk of that the roots reach the pool structure and over time are able to damage it. It’s better, therefore, to avoid planting young trees too close to the pool which, as they grow, could develop dangerous roots for the structure, and to opt, instead, for smaller shrubs. It’s essential to go to a nursery and ask the experts for advice on what would embellish our outdoors without creating problems.

Safety factor

With children or pets around, it’s strongly inadvisable to choose plants with thorns or which can cause irritation. In addition, some flowers can cause allergic reactions, besides attracting insects that can be a nuisance, especially during spring and summer: it’s best to avoid fruit trees in a garden with a swimming pool. Finally, if the extra maintenance due to leaves, flowers and twigs that fall into the pool concerns you, remember that you can use a covering system that protects your pool from detritus: it’s an excellent solution also for protecting our pools in autumn and winter.

Beauty at our feet

A very stimulating and enjoyable part of designing our outdoor space with a swimming pool is the choice of finishes for the poolside, the walkways and the areas for socialising. Ceramiche Coem offers many collections which are ideal for this type of use, with a wide choice of styles for satisfying all tastes. The Bali collection is particularly spectacular thanks to its bold and irregular stone effect graphics, reinterpreting a slate dense with matter. With its chromatic contrasts that vary from white to yellow, from red to brown, as far as grey, Bali contains all the intense colours of the Earth. This collection has unique colours and decorations, which create particularly spectacular light effects with green. Cardoso is another collection that makes it possible to enhance effects of the light. Inspired by the Pietra del Cardoso stone for an elegant and modern outdoors, thanks to the dark grey stone-effect tending to deep blue and the not very deep metamorphism of sandstone, the warm shades create a super-welcoming atmosphere. The Goldenstone stone-effect tiles have a particular veining that makes the material dynamic and naturally attractive, offered in a colour range of 4 neutral, warm or cold shades, so that everyone can choose according to their preferred furnishing style, making it possible to enjoy the spaces dedicated to swimming pools to the full, both day & night!