In & Out effect: the continuity of internal and external coverings

Integrated projects for contemporary interiors and exteriors

The appeal of well cared-for external areas also lies in the possibility of surrounding yourself with materials evoking the natural world, such as stone and wood, both charming but often delicate and requiring significant maintenance. The ideal solution for exteriors is porcelain stoneware: it’s an exceptional material, with high-level technical performances, is easy to maintain, sustainable, and offers the advantage of a wide choice of colours and finishes. Fioranese produces various collections for outdoors, making it possible to design spaces with a modern style in which the exterior and interior can perfectly interact.

Simple, whispered elegance

The choice of materials in harmony between them is important to maintain a stylistic continuity between indoors and outdoors. Thanks, for example, to Ceramica Fioranese’s PIETRAVIVA stone effect porcelain stoneware collection, it’s possible to create a link between the interior and exterior, combining material purity and authenticity. This collection has been inspired by chianche e chiancarelle, Apulian limestone slabs with a rather homogeneous composition which are easy to work and differ one from the other with respect to their thickness: chiancarelle are finer, while “chianche” are typical of rural buildings. Pietraviva makes it possible to create an atmosphere which is natural and, at the same time, elegant, versatile and refined in the colours. This collection allows you to enhance your outdoor spaces thanks, especially, to the discrete texture typical of this specific finishing and the luminosity of the ceramic material. It’s impossible not to fall in love with its light and its slightly polished surface that reproduces the trampled-effect created over a long period of time.

Originality in the design for unique external spaces

It’s also possible to choose for external spaces other striking finishes, inserting an element of contrast such as in the Frammenta collection, which is inspired by traditional Milanese architecture: ceppo di Gré, usually used for external bases of Milanese buildings; it’s an Italian rock from the place of the same name, Gré, which means “rock with pebbles”. The collection is characterised by the irregularity of the grains or pebbles, with areas of mini-stones and areas of macro-stones, making it visually striking and a key feature not only of indoor spaces but also of outdoor ones. It has a cement and stone effect which will give a contemporary touch to external areas, creating a harmonious contrast between nature and modernity. In addition, thanks to Frammenta, it will be possible to create mosaic particular effects with the colours ranging from white to anthracite.

Decor and charm for timeless interior and exterior areas

Montpellier is a collection with a romantic and retro atmosphere, the inspiration behind it being French castles full of fascination and history. This collection is characterized by a very particular stone effect, a material which crosses through time to relive in the present. Every detail, from the irregular borders to the patterns, has been faithfully reproduced to offer a ceramic tile suitable for creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, lending a magic and extremely natural atmosphere thanks especially to the different tones available, ranging from cooler to warmer shades.

Numerous finishes for personalising exterior areas

Fioranese offers numerous collections for exteriors which are extremely resistant and varied in order to satisfy different stylistic requirements. Finishing with a natural flavour may be chosen for the outdoors, for example, such as the wood effect of the Oaken collection, inspired by oak, with its planks full of veins and knots, or you can opt for the Essential collection with warm and natural colours.
Are you looking for a more striking contemporary solution? The Concrete collection is inspired by cement, very elegant and extremely modern. If, instead, you prefer something more traditional, the most suitable collection is Heritage, which offers a concept linked to the warm tradition of worked clay and terracotta in tiles in the most classic formats.
Are you unsure about what to choose for your external area? Visit and choose the collection which is closest to your own style.