The Art of Tiles

History and aesthetics for a wonderful new collection characterised by Made in Italy


“The Art of Tiles” is the name of the exhibition featuring the Fioranese company at Milano Design Week 2023. A special event, organised inside the Fuorisalone programme, in which the company presented its new developments in an original and captivating way. A prestigious event in the heart of Brera, via Solferino 11, became for a few days the stage for one of the most interesting exhibitions of Fuorisalone. The Art of Tiles contained a preview of ‘Italian Landscape’, the first collection created out of the collaboration between Fioranese and the 23Bassi architectural firm, a hotbed of ideas, combining creativity, design and experimentation based in Milan, from an idea of Chiara Frigerio and Andrea Roscini. The design of private buildings, retail spaces and settings are 23Bassi’s main areas of intervention in order to best communicate the value of architecture. Together with Fioranese, 23Bassi has created a special collection that speaks of love for Italy and its riches, a land from which to draw new suggestions and appreciate from new perspectives. Thanks to 23Bassi’s generosity, we have been able to personally interview its creative experts to discover what it means to take part in Fuorisalone and what concept characterizes the new collection that represents, between history and aesthetics, the absolute best of Made in Italy.

LifeTiles: What make the Fuorisalone event special? What artistic philosophy characterises your work? What’s your distinctive trait?

23Bassi: The Fuorisalone is a big event conceived to recount design in a non-conventional way and today, after many years (over 30) of events around the city, there is an expectation of being amazed, captivated, attracted to brands and products with ever-new and contemporary languages; this is precisely our philosophy. Choosing and getting to know a brand and bringing it into a new story and from our personal perspective. Playfulness, amazement and a multi-level interpretation of an exhibition are definitely our stylistic trait.

LifeTiles: 23Bassi is an architectural firm, a hotbed of ideas, which combines design creativity and experimentation. Can you describe the ‘Italian Landscape’ concept?

23Bassi: We started two years ago to recount Italian architecture that we love so much, with our products conceived for the home ( When we accepted Fioranese’s invitation to create a new collection, it seemed natural to us to continue our research on architecture, art and landscape. ‘Italian Landscape’ arose from the wish to bring into the home some of the history and beauty that surrounds us.

LifeTiles: Can we say that this collection expresses the best of creativity, colours and forms of the true ‘Made in Italy’? What imagery and idea of aesthetics inspired you in the creation of this collection?

23Bassi: We’ll let others decide about that 🙂
We have certainly drawn from the history of coverings; the 20x20cm format is a real challenge in a period of large formats; the colours have been chosen in a palette that recalls the colours of nature and the earth.

LifeTiles: ‘Italian Landscape’ redefines, in a certain sense, the concept of interior design, giving it a completely ‘Made in Italy’ connotation: what characterizes this project?

23Bassi: The basic idea of this project is to create 3 decorations, besides their negative, and the same number of neutral bases; with these pieces, through a careful study of the layout, it’s possible to find one’s own personal version. In our architectural firm, we are used to finding joints and layouts to create very different environments and moods. Together with its complementary pieces, the single piece turns into a maxi decoration. It’s a collection to be discovered, experimenting contrasting layouts and joints. We will see in the coming months how we’ve been able to apply it in our projects!