A historic district, an important street for a unique event

Coem participates in Fuorisalone 2023 with a focus on originality

Picturesque and fascinating, the Brera district is the jewel in Milan’s crown. A destination for artists for centuries, today it fascinates its visitors with its important relics, its trendy bars and its unmistakable bohemian and romantic character. It is precisely here in this district that various installations of the Fuorisalone itinerary will take place, where design feels free to give its maximum expression. In a historical street of this famous district, the special event conceived by Coem will take place, to present creativity and new products, giving visitors who come to Via Solferino 11 from 17 to 23 April a unique and unforgettable experience in an original way. Ceramics is part of the history of Italian creativity, and through colour, material and the relationship between man and space, Coem, designs and projects new paths to furnish and personalise spaces with a strong tactile connotation. This is the inspiration that will strongly characterise the event-installation and make the Brera district even more special for a few days.

Brera Design Week

Visitors can look forward to a calendar of over 160 events including exhibitions, installations, group shows and product novelties. “Designing the present, choosing the future” is the theme proposed for this edition of Design Week: finding solutions today to face tomorrow’s challenges is also the task of design, a topic that is debated all year round and culminates during Design Week. Check out this site, dedicated only to the events of the FuoriSalone in Brera, so you can better organise your visit.

Brera, perhaps not everyone knows that…

Brera is Milan’s artistic quarter, where history, culture and architecture blend to perfection. Numerous tourists and visitors from all over the world flock here every year, fascinated by the timeless charm of this part of Milan. The name Brera derives from the word ‘braida’, meaning expanse of uncultivated land, which today features narrow cobbled streets and magnificent courtyards. Falling in love with this neighbourhood is very easy, perhaps because history and the contemporary world are allowed to mingle in total freedom. particularly thanks to events such as Fuorisalone, where new designers and famous brands ‘inhabit’ unusual spaces for a few days. Let us take the opportunity of this event to learn more about this important area of Milan.

Timeless beauty

A two-minute walk from Via Solferino takes you to perhaps the most important building in the neighbourhood: the Brera Palace. In the centre of the rectangular courtyard stands Antonio Canova’s bronze statue dedicated to Napoleon I in 1809. The palace today houses the Brera Art Gallery, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Braidense Library, the offices of the Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory and the Botanical Garden. The Pinacoteca di Brera is truly a jewel and contains marvellous works. Masterpieces by Italian and foreign artists from the 14th to the 19th century are housed here, including: Piero della Francesca, Mantegna, Raphael, Bramante, Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Bellini, Bronzino. Thanks to the Academy throughout the Brera district, one can truly breathe in art and timeless elegance.

The contemporary language of art

One of Brera’s most famous streets will host an unmissable and original installation created by Sara Ricciardi that promises to truly surprise the FuoriSalone 2023 audience with Human mandala, a real human mandala composed of a series of real bodies arranged in a circular mandala formation. Each individual will be connected to the others through a network of root-like structures like a mycelial organism. This striking installation invites viewers to contemplate the ways in which we are all connected, while a mystical sound from thirteen circular Dolby surround speakers will help create an ascetic and contemplative atmosphere. A unique, unmissable installation that speaks directly to contemporary art, but also to the relationship between man, time and space.

A new journey to discover ceramics

Ceramiche Coem is participating in the Fuorisalone with a very special event, which will take place within the Brera Design Week circuit. The interior of a prestigious flat in the heart of this magical district will be transformed into the setting for a new ceramic tale made of light, material vibrations and colour. Visitors will be led on a tactile and visual journey where they can discover Coem in a different and surprising way, guided through a totally unusual set up that abandons conventional exhibition spaces and proposes a more intimate environment that communicates in a language closer to people. This journey is possible because Coem has always been inspired by nature with the focus on people.
Don’t miss the chance to share this very special experience with Coem during Fuorisalone23.

17-23 April
10am – 8pm
Via Solferino, 11
third floor

The Event ‘The Art of Tiles’ is part of the ‘Interni FuoriSalone 2023’ circuit.