The secret garden…on your balcony!

Today we’ll be looking at how to give a new look to little outdoor spaces, ready for summer

Balconies don’t always receive the attention they deserve, because of their limited size – but even the smallest of balconies can become a pleasant place to enjoy a short break and enjoy pleasant views. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and turn your little outdoor corner into a pleasant, peaceful setting. How? By creating an area where you can enjoy an alfresco meal, adding lots of plants, including herbs that are useful in the kitchen and effective at keeping some insects away. If you don’t have much space available, think about space-saving furnishing solutions, and remember that a pouf or two or some cushions can offer an alternative to sofas and sun loungers. You should also consider creating shady areas to protect you from the sun, while for your evenings outdoors, you’ll want to add a few little lights and candles to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Here are four tips to bring an attractive, inviting look to even a small balcony.

Lights around the parapet!

The first thing to do is to paint the parapet to make the balcony brighter, obviously without touching the parts visible from the outside. The simplest, most effective choice here is a bright white, because using this colour for the parapet – as well as for the walls and the furnishing elements – is ideal for attractively offsetting the details and making the space seem larger. For example, the shabby chic look might be an idea for the furnishing style, because it makes the most of the simple nature of white, which can be used to embellish a chest, a flowerpot or a lamp that brings a glow and character to your open-air lounge.

A botanical garden right there in your home!

You can turn your balcony into an authentic little botanical garden, where you can display different types of plants to create a pleasant, comfortable, natural environment. The plants must be chosen with care, however, considering the space available, the fact that larger pots will be required as the plants grow and the exposure to the sun. Generally speaking, it’s best to choose plants that do well in the sun, especially when the balcony receives plenty of it; if the balcony is not exposed to the sun, you should go for plants that also flourish in the shade. Snake plants, for example, are easy to grow, and with their thick group of long, upright leaves, they’re perfect for the outdoors; but there are all sorts of other options…take a trip to a nursery and have fun creating your little green oasis with the advice of the experts!

How to embellish your balcony with lights

Furnishing and embellishing an area like the balcony should also take account of how to choose lights, or how to improve existing lighting. Poor lighting is enough to make the space seem smaller and narrower. To enjoy your space to the full, the simplest solution is to fix a series of lamps to the wall; adjustable spotlights along the whole surface of the balcony will provide sufficient light. An interesting way to add atmosphere is to place LED lights around the edge of the balcony, creating a more modern look, with the possibility to choose from a wide range of colours.

A style for everyone

Flooring suitable for outdoors comes in an increasingly wide range of styles and finishes. All of them must first and foremost comply with a number of technical requisites, such as resistance to frost and sudden shifts in temperature, as well as mould and stains, and, most importantly, they must be anti-slip. This doesn’t stop you from bringing your own personal touch, however.
Ceramica Fioranese offers plenty of different collections to allow you to choose the style that suits you best. If you like a contemporary mood, you might like to go for the Urban Challenge collection, which offers a concrete-effect porcelain stoneware solution, or the ever-elegant Concrete collection; for those who prefer a more relaxing look, the stone effect of Heritage, Montpellier and Pietraviva might be an ideal choice. If it’s a particularly warm, inviting atmosphere you’re looking for, the perfect solution could be the wood effect of Essential and Oaken, but if you’re a fan of traditional colours with a modern twist, we recommend the striking Cementine_OpenAir collection, which will give that extra Mediterranean touch to your balcony!