The timeless elegance of the Orient

Kintsugi, originality in stoneware

Japan has given the world countless arts, often unique in their kind. These include Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement, or Shodō, the art of calligraphy. But there is another equally fascinating one, an art that is a wonderful metaphor for the concept of resilience, it’s called Kintsugi. This ancient technique consists of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with precious metal, such as gold and silver. This adhesive mixture is then used to fill in cracks or missing pieces. Drawing inspiration from this unique form of art, Fioranese has created a stunningly original and elegant collection that reinterprets the ancient Kintsugi philosophy.

An ancient and mysterious technique

Kintsugi is an ancient technique: it is said to have been invented in the 15th century by Japanese craftsmen when Ashikaga Yoshimasa, 8th shogun of the Ashikaga dynasty, sent a damaged teacup to them for repair. The Japanese craftsmen, amazed by the shogun’s tenacity in wanting his cup back, decided to try to repair it and even increase its value. So they filled the cracks with an adhesive made of lacquered resin and gold dust, which the Chinese had been using for thousands of years to make war and hunting weapons.

Kintsugi: the Japanese style according to Fioranese

The art of putting pieces back together is the delicate symbolic lesson imparted by the ancient art of Kintsugi, which Fioranese re-proposes on concrete-effect tiles that engage with the bright shiny surface of metal to enhance inviting and unconventional settings. Fioranese gives a contemporary meaning to an ancient philosophy so that we can bring a bit of discreet oriental elegance into our homes. New material and graphic references that allow us to rethink spaces and make them unique.

Matter on Top: technology at the service of creativity

Fioranese has always invested in innovation and in the development of new technologies aimed at improving the level of definition and reproduction of reality. The company focuses greatly on making its production processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. With MATTER ON TOP, Fioranese has implemented a new production technology that makes it possible to reach unexplored frontiers, enhancing the ceramic essence in the creation of new products. The inclusion of a new step in the production process, perfectly synchronised with the design of the tile, allows new heights to be reached in terms of definition, colour, and structure, going beyond what was previously possible and renewing the aesthetic value inherited from the ceramic tradition. Material appeal, structure, depth, mixed colours and graphics now find new creative combinations that take shape in extremely innovative collections such as Kintsugi. MATTER ON TOP ceramics go beyond the limits: a new dimension, new definition, a new ceramic tradition to be discovered.

Oriente, a contemporary style suitable for all settings

Kintsugi is a soft concrete material that engages with the bright glimmer of metal. The material effects in the collection are amazing. They give life to luminescent signs and surfaces rich in structure, depth and colour, which are able to offer new formal solutions to characterise inviting and unconventional settings. The collection offers unusual metallic veins that embellish wall and floors: new plays of light that capture the eyes and take them to faraway places. Unusual surfaces and combinations made possible by the new MATTER ON TOP technology. You can choose between versatile concrete-effect or more graphic surfaces, but always with an oriental elegance made contemporary by light colours or by the contrast with darker and more intense nuances.
Perfect for any room in the house, discover all the possible combinations.