2022 interior design trends: timeless marble-effect finishes

The charm and elegance of natural stone encapsulated in the ceramic material

Marble-effect porcelain stoneware is elegant and brilliant: it’s a really special finish that can be mirror polished or natural (matt), with expressive veining and colours as normally found in this stone in nature. Much more resistant than natural marble, marble-effect porcelain stoneware, thanks to carefully studied graphics, reproduces the depth and natural evolution of the original nuances and is perfect for those looking for elegance with a touch of modernity. A refined look, resistance and high versatility for unalterable surfaces that have no fear of the passing of time, making all the rooms of our home elegant and contemporary.

Limitless versatility

Thanks to the undoubted technical characteristics and great variety of collections that offer innumerable colours, formats and surfaces, marble-effect stoneware is perfect for covering floors and walls in all spaces: it can also be used for bathroom and kitchen tops and for furnishing elements such as, for example, wall units, tables, coffee tables and shelves. Versatile for every use, it adapts perfectly to indoor use in private dwellings, but is also ideal for enhancing the look of public spaces.

Marble-effect, design-effect

Porcelain stoneware is a material that lends an elegant appearance, suitable for all environments. Inserting this type of tile in the different rooms of the home means creating a style with a really strong character that stands out for attention to details. Opting, for example, to cover that bathroom with marble effect tiles is a surprising way to create an exclusive and important look. Alternatively, it’s possible to choose marble effect only for covering the inside of the shower cubicle, in this way lending a touch of originality to the room. Let’s free up our imagination to design new projects for the new year.

High technology for spaces dedicated to hospitality

The aesthetic realism with which the chromatic depth and graphic richness of marble are faithfully reproduced on the ceramic material is truly extraordinary. This material also gives the advantage of guaranteeing excellent anti-wear qualities, fundamental qualities that permit maximum utilisation of the product while the interior designer can be certain that the colours and veining will remain unaltered over time, also in public contexts where the material is most subject to stress. This is an important advantage if we want to use the marble effect collections in contexts dedicated to hospitality which, as we know, are contexts more subject to wear. Using marble effect collections is a guarantee of a sophisticated style that is also timeless.

The aesthetics of elegance

Ceramica Fioranese offers various collections that bring out the elegant beauty of natural marble through a harmonic balance of veins, nuances and tone-on-tone colour variations. It’s an extremely wide range allowing for choice between numerous formats and colours: this spectrum of offers makes it possible to fully exploit the brilliance and refinement of this finish, both in private and public contexts. Marmorea Intensa highlights the intensity of the pattern thanks to the pureness of the white, the captivating brilliance of the green and light blue and the intense depth of the red. There are glossy and matt decorative accents for personalising spaces to the full. Marble is the source of inspiration of the collection that has marked and elegant veins. Sound of Marbles plays with shapes and lines, allowing for unusual and original combinations, giving a new dimension to spaces in a modern style. The Prestige collection plays on the balance of light and dark colours to create spaces with an original and refined mood, perfect for enhancing both vintage and modern furnishings. A classic but eternal look is achieved thanks to the veining of Marmorea2. Five colours, from purest white to the most intense grey, and a multitude of formats create ethereal and contemporary surfaces that respond to the latest requirements of interior design and lifestyle. Finally, Marmorea offers a marble effect that reproduce the sensations of prestigious quarried marble surfaces, giving rise to refined visually relaxing environments with extreme luminance and depth.

Find which marble-effect collection can be the protagonist of your new living and commercial spaces.